Monday, March 02, 2009

Willie Wonka Would Be Impressed/Weekend Stuff

I always imagined that Willie Wonka must have had some sort of machine that could spray chocolate. Go spray a rabbit to make chocolate Easter bunnies. Or go out to the forest and spray some chocolate Christmas trees. A wonderfully spectacular machine. Ladies and gentlemen--I am that machine. I have been up most of the night running to the bathroom on an eerily regular basis. Something I ate last night certainly hasn't agreed with me. My apologies to those who came here as the result of a Google search...
I had planned to go to bed early-ish last night (unrelated to what was going to be happening), but I got the wild idea of checking something out on YouTube. What a mistake THAT was! I've mentioned before that I don't really hang out there, but when I do, I end up clicking on all the other related videos, and soon have 10 windows of videos waiting for me, all with their own related video links, and so on and so forth... I won't bore you with all that I saw, but I keep forgetting what a truly talentless hack I am when I see some of the talent that is out there.
Big news from my departed beer drinkin' buddies. Rachel had a birthday on Friday. She's getting old(er). It's nice to have company! Moose damned near killed herself in a vehicle rollover on Saturday morning. She's OK (no injuries, anyway), but the prognosis isn't very good for the car.
Symphony concert went...OK. Maybe less than OK. From the standpoint of the trombones, it was a good concert. We played well. But there were some MAJOR mistakes made by some of the principal players--solos botched, solos missing, getting name it, it happened. I don't know if it was a matter of fatigue, or unfamiliarity with the music, or what the excuses were. Regardless, it certainly wasn't our best outing of the season. That's not to say that there weren't any special moments, because at times, it was outstanding. I just hope that we fare much better in our next concert (Bernstein!).
I need a Mystery Guest for this week. First one to email me and tells me they want to be it, the position is yours!

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