Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Bunch of Stuff and TMI Tuesday #179

Concert went pretty well, overall. The biggest hassle was having to reset the entire stage set-up for each rehearsal, as well as the performance. It was a logistical nightmare. And it had to be switched out in 20 minutes or less so that there was no unscheduled downtime during rehearsals. Took 35 minutes the first time, but we didn't know exactly how we were doing things. Got it down to less than 15 for the performance, so I was happy with that. As for the performance, I didn't come away thinking it was our best effort of all time, but there were some great moments. Possibly my mind was soured by the fact that my stage crew (two guys) bailed on me late Sat. afternoon. Too late to find anyone else, so I had to tear down the stage by myself. Not really all that bad, except for the risers, which are a bitch on a good day. Got home around 1AM. Sliced my thumb open and bled like a stuck pig (I really have no idea what that means--but there's drops of my blood all over the stage). And something happened to me for the first time in over 40 years of playing brass instruments. But I'll save that for later...
Some of you might have heard about the private plane crashing into the cemetery in Butte on Sunday, killing 14 people (7 kids). I've been asked if that was nearby. Butte is 60 miles south of here, but I know the area quite well. In fact, many of my dad's relatives are buried in that particular cemetery. Quite sad.
Heard the words 'discharge', 'seepage', and 'drainage' this weekend. All in different conversations, and referring to different situations. Thank God none of them involved bodily processes.
Speaking of bodily processes...why is it that grown men don't flush the urinal after using it?? In my area at work, there are maybe five of us that use the upstairs bathroom (one guy at least twice an hour). The youngest of us is 45. More often than not, it's not flushed. Do these guys do the same at home??? I may live somewhat like a bachelor, and I wouldn't eat off the bathroom floor, but I always flush. Do these guys wait for their wives to come in and do it for them? Or blame the kids? I don't get it...
I don't understand how Burger King continues to get away with some of their commercials. Have you seen the one for the new BK Burger Shots? Those mini-burgers? The one with the "farmer of tiny stature"? I'm not sure if I should appreciate the concept, or be offended by the stereotype. Doesn't really matter. It hasn't gotten me to go try one.
I remember a post I wrote in October about how generations of people don't know how to really pop popcorn (not microwaved, or in the hot air poppers). I whipped up a batch of popcorn (Orville Redenbacher's) about a week ago. I may never buy a box of the microwave stuff ever again.
Mulling over the possibility of an Easter theme for HNT. Trying to work out the sacrilege of such a thing. You'll find out on Thursday what I decide.
On to TMI:

1. Ever Googled a date, a potential date or an ex? - The last time I had a date, or a potential date, the internet hadn't been invented, let alone Google (sadly, I'm almost serious here...). However, I've Googled every ex I've ever had (I'm on good terms with all). And I've been known to Google the potential dates of some friends...
2. Do you gossip? - I think we all gossip. It's a matter of degree. Unfortunately, I'll say that I do enjoy getting the 'goods' on people. But I also like gathering information. I've often been the 'go to' guy when someone wants to know some little bit of info on somebody. I'm a hit at the class reunions! Generally though, I can filter what should or shouldn't be passed on. In my case, there's a big difference between gossip and secrets, and I think I do a pretty good (but not perfect) job in that area.
3. How many people do you completely trust? - This is a tough one. Trust involves far more than just telling someone a secret. It also involves the actions and reactions of one person with another. I've been burned many a time. Fault #1 of mine is that I'm too trusting. I have trusted a number of people, though I don't think any one person knows all there is to know. I would say that if I had to give a number to those I'd trust with secrets, it would be 3. Unfortunately, those who think they're one of those three, probably aren't, and those who don't realize it, are. If we're talking about trusting someone who will be there through thick and thin, who will stand by you without judgment, who will do what they say and say what they do--there's probably more.
4. Have you ever had sex in car? - Really? Who hasn't? Mind you, it's been a long time, but yeah,, I have. Not in a moving one though (not even as a passenger). Do buses count? There was this one time, on the way to band camp...
5. What is your best flirting technique: innuendo, telling a dirty joke, talking about sex life, or physical contact? - None of the above? What ever happened to honest chit-chat and discussion? That's been the only real 'technique' I've ever needed. Either that or getting the girl drunk as a skunk (j/k...).

Bonus (as in optional): How many times is the most you have ever had sex in a 24 hour period? - I should avoid any "with another person?" jokes. I would have absolutely no idea. Probably more than three, and way less than ten. Really, who counts these things?

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