Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Other stuff, and TMI Tuesday #180

Seeing some old, familiar faces (well, not faces) joining in for the OHNT anniversary celebration. If you're interested in participating, please send something in before Wednesday morning! No special theme--just looking for numbers this week!
I forgot to mention yesterday about the great movie lineup that AMC had on Saturday night. "Airport", "Airport '75", "Airport '77" and "The Concorde: Airport '79". Omigod. Does it get any better than this? One of the truly great things that happened in the 70s was the disaster movie. The "Airport" series. "The Towering Inferno". "The Poseidon Adventure". "Earthquake". The list goes on. All of them starred a variety of stars who were too 'big' for "The Love Boat" (truly, another disaster...). Bad scripts, predictable subplots, poor cinematography. Damn, I miss the 70s...
Just as I got through bitching about the children's concert, I've come to realize that rehearsals start this Thursday for our last concert of the season in less than three weeks! For the past 5 years, we've offered an opera, but sparse in its design. Sometimes nothing more than props. This year, we're doing a full staging of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro". Thank God Mozart was smart enough not to include trombones for this one! And the staging isn't part of my duties, so really, this will be a breeze of a concert for me. But rehearsals (which I still have to set up) start on Thursday.

1. Have you ever sent or recieved a sext message? - Based on the variety of definitions found at the link, yes, I have received a sext message. More than once.
2. Have you ever made or recieved a booty call? - No. I've mentioned this before--I was born about 20 years too early. While I love the concept, I was brought up in a different time. I don't know that I could really 'do' a booty call.
3. Have you ever added or edited a word/entry to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary or any other online reference? - I've never added/edited anything, but recently found that HNT can be found in Urban Dictionary!
4. At what age did you have your first consensual sexual experience? - I'm assuming something beyond kissing/fondling/experimenting... I believe I was probably about 15 or 16.
5. What has been the greatest age difference between you a consensual sexual partner? - Hmmm.... I'd have to say 10 years. Oops...nope...20 years. Hoping to do better... :-0

Bonus (as in optional): Why do you blog? - Started out as an excuse to actually write some things down. Now it's a vital social tool for me. Though I'd like to get back to some of the writing style I had in the early days.

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