Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm Fab!

My blog has been deemed Fabulous by the equally fabulous Britni! I've been reading her for close to four years now. Though she's not a regular HNTer, she was one of the early-day participants, and has the distinction of a couple of "firsts" in HNT history! You really should check her out on a regular basis. Funny, open, unabashed, intelligent, and someone I definitely plan to meet when OsTour hits Florida (might have to make that a month-long excursion--there's alot of you down there!). Anyway, here's what I have to do: 1) I must list my five addictions, and 2) I must pass this on to 5 fabulous blogs. I haven't decided on that second part yet. Guess I will before I post! In no particular order:
  1. M*A*S*H - I never watch network TV anymore. Couldn't even tell you what's on. But you can be sure to find M*A*S*H reruns somewhere during the day. I think I've seen every episode. At least 5 times. Probably 10. I can generally tell within the first 15-20 seconds of the episode what the story line is, who any guests are, and then recite the script. I'm glad to say that I'm cutting back, though. House and N.C.I.S. reruns are taking me away...
  2. Apple - I'm a Mac guy down to the core. I don't understand why anyone still bothers with PCs anymore. Apple has always had the cool "must-have" gadgets, and I've got them, even if I don't need them (except the iPhone--no AT&T up here). I look forward to the conventions, and the roll-outs of new toys. I like reading the rumors and sneak-peeks. I LOVE reading criticisms from PC users who have never actually played around on a Mac, and the praises from PC users who have switched.
  3. Diet Coke w/lime - On a normal day, I can put down at least 4 cans, and often a full six-pack. Currently trying to cut back, but it ain't easy!
  4. Chocolate milk - While I won't make a special trip to the store for it, it is ALWAYS in my cart when I'm grocery shopping. If I could only drink one thing for the rest of my life, this would be it. And that beats out beer, too!
  5. Mom's potato salad - I have mentioned in earlier posts that no one makes potato salad as good as my mom's (her mom's came in a close second). I could (and have) eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
There you have it. Not going to pass it on. All of you have fabulous blogs! Though I reserve the right to change my mind later today...
The ever pixie-ish Rachel batted her big brown cyber-eyes at me and asked that I mention a petition she's got on her site and to get people over there to sign it. It's the blinking link at the top of her sidebar.
Short turn-around for symphony. We already have another rehearsal tonight. As much as I'm looking forward to this concert musically, it's going to be hell logistically. Too many musicians, too little space. I'm sure I'll be voicing my opinions as we go!
Lots of excitement at the end of the week last week. On Thursday morning, over a half of a city block in downtown (Main Street) Bozeman was destroyed due to explosion from a gas leak. Two bars, a restaurant and another business were totally destroyed (one of the bars was a fixture for the college crowd back in the day--not that I would know about that...). The explosion was at 8:10AM, before the real bustle of the day, so no one was even injured, though one woman is reported as missing. Then on Friday, just 60 miles to the west, an explosion ripped through a couple of businesses in Whitehall (where I used to teach!). Again, no one was injured, though the real damage came from the fire afterwards, rather than the explosion. There was a 4.2 earthquake centered about 2 miles south of town, though it's not known if that was related to the later explosion. Lots of excitement though!
In spite of switching to Daylight Saving Time, spring is still a distant mirage around here. It's cold, windy and a little bit snowy. Not like other parts of the state that got over a foot of snow over the weekend, but still. Can't wait to get to April!

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