Thursday, December 08, 2011

'Tis the Season HNT

It's Nutcracker time again! I'm in the midst of 12 to 14 to 16 hour days (and nights). Thank God I can autopost! Usually at this time of year I throw in some sort of picture from Nutcracker rehearsals or something. This year, I change it up with a picture during a break in our rehearsals at the Cathedral we play in (shown at the left). It's a wonderful building, but a pain in the ass to perform in. The acoustics suit smaller groups, as a rule, as does the physical space. But we make it work.

The worst part, however, is that it's a bugger to keep warm during the winter months, even when it's full of people. And in most of the recent years, it's been sub-zero temperatures during the first weekend of December. This year, it was relatively balmy (mid to upper 20s!) and I was almost a happy camper. Until I got word in the afternoon that a quick storm was blowing through that night, bringing the wind chill to a brisk -15°. The same night that I'd be having to load the equipment truck after the concert. This was my reaction shortly after hearing that lovely bit of news (for the record--it did get that cold, and I had to UNload the truck the next morning in similar weather. Don't you just love my life?).

All I have is black and white
My shades of grey
Fading away

All I have is this here flesh
For you to touch
For me to display

Be sure to come back Thursday afternoon to find out who our sultry Mystery Guest is this week!
This week's MG is the always cheeky Cheeky Minx! Always a pleasure to have her! Can you guess who the last 3 Mystery Guests will be?

Some lovely people to be found over at "...the Other HNT", as always! It won't go up until midnight, Mountain time though. Still worth a visit! As's NSFW!

Ashly's Toys for Tots project only has about a week left for you to donate! Please check it out and help out, OK? And Evalee's project has done well too. She's got a raffle going on to entice you, as well! Get your Christmas spirit into gear and help out either or both of these!
Can't miss out on the opportunity to say GO GRIZ!!! Check them out on ESPN Friday night and cheer them on! I believe it's at 8PM EST. (Then check out Gucci's Bobcats on Saturday morning on ESPN)
Theme Alert! - Only three more HNTs left, all three with themes! A rundown is below. Be sure that you give the middle one some attention NOW! It's easily the most difficult theme of the year! Make mention of it on your own sites to (as well as HNT's retirement). It's amazing how many people say they didn't know about this stuff!
  • Dec. 15th - Christmas Tree HNT - I want to see you half-nekkid with your Christmas tree. If you don't have a tree put up, then with any other Christmas decorations. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then you're off the hook. But the rest of you--I really want to see your Christmas trees!
  • Dec. 22nd - Three Christmas Wishes HNT - Perhaps the hardest theme of the year. Pick three individuals to send special Christmas wishes to. The hard part? Pick three people who are not necessarily someone you'll be sending a Christmas card to, or an e-card, or specifically contact at Christmas.Those people might expect something from you. No, send out your Christmas wishes to someone you've only lurked at, or to a newbie, or to someone whose HNTs and/or general blog posts have made some sort of impression. And post a picture of it, too! It can be serious or humorous or heartfelt or fantasy. Then contact that individual to let them know that they got one of your wishes. (For example, I remember that my very first year of this I wished for two bags of fairy dust for one person, a wish for another HNTer's husband's swimmers to impregnate her (she had a baby exactly 9 months later--I did good on that one!), and a big stick with nails for a third one to beat me with as I had somewhat trampled on our friendship. You can see this post here, or check out the other mid-December posts from my archives.) Good luck with this one. It's tougher than it sounds, so start thinking about it now!
  • Dec. 29th - Final HNT - This one is sort of self-explanatory. This will be your last official shot at doing HNT. Make it memorable. That doesn't imply stripping bare and letting it all hang out. Just make this one a good send-off.


V said...

Beautiful church! We’re up - instead of fun with rope, we’re having fun with twine!

Elle said...

Awww poor you! I HATE being cold. I was born to live in a warmer country ;)

Well I'm up.

the late phoenix said...

up...with all the love in the world

Lusting Lola said...

I actually posted an HNT, can you believe it? :)

I'm up and now off to dreamland.

Oh, and those MG pics are fabulous! Wow!!

KaziGrrl said...

What a gorgeous church!! I love the architecture...

I'm up with a very special project, I did a collaboration piece with an artist... check it out!

~Kazi xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Nutcracker festivities to you. I respect what you do, but I don't envy you the cold work at all.

I'm up.

Lee Ann said...

Happy HNT all of you Half Nekkid people with Love from an old-longtimer Half Nekkid person!
Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

I'm freezing too! But what a beautiful few and pictures.
I'm up trying to stay warm myself.

JM said...

I guess I shouldn't tell you its been in the 90's here the last few days.

I have a slight inkling who the MG might be, but still, WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

I'm up :)

Semi-Celibate Man said...

Hi Os. Happy HNT. Hmmm, I'm glad I made it back for the last three. I'll have to give them some thought.

I'm up.

viemoira said...

The Cathedral sure is beautiful. Hope things calm down soon. :)

MG has some very sexy legs!

I am up at the Cavern...

Sexy Smile said...

The cathedral is spectacular - as is the mystery guest. I'm up by candlelight.

Osbasso said...

Be sure to see if Cheeky Minx has turned her back on you or not!

Lady Grinning Soul said...

Hello folks! I'm up, and enjoying tea. Much love! LGS x

Inferno said...

I am up with a twist

Inferno said...

And "wow" for that mg click through!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I adore going to the Nutcracker every year! Unfortunately to keep the tickets cheap they have taped music - its just not the same without a full orchestra, said the ex-violin player

Jack and Jill said...

Beautiful shot of the cathedral! Our fingers are crossed that you manage to stay warm.

We're up at!

Anonymous said...

I'm up and in a garden.


heelsnstocking said...

I'm up and playing hard


Anonymous said...

I'm up! Happy HNT!

Molly said...

I don't know who the mystery guest is but it is a really awesome picture....

and I am up with a soft click


Cheeky Minx said...

I'm unsure which I like best - the view of the cathedral or your clearly unimpressed expression! While my weather is far from summer, it ain't quite freezing over. So you win. ;P

Thanks for the upping... x

Anonymous said...

Ready for the game.

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT, I'm up!!!

Pocket RockettZ said...

That cathedral is so cool. I have never seen a performance of anything in a place like that.

The mystery guest = Sexy Legs. That is what those are.

I am UP and random today.

HyperSexualGirl said...

Love the garter belt. And I'm up!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely winter here in Ohio too with temperatures below freezing most of the time. We are up at Married In Ohio with an interesting theme.

Oasis said...

Gorgeous church & gorgeous picture! Just tuned back in after a few weeks away and learned that HNT is retiring? Oh No! What a bummer.

We'll just have to make sure the next few weeks are extra special!

I'm up over at my new blog -


Anonymous said...

The church IS stunning. Im up. It's pants, but I'm up.

Cougar in Training said...

Very nice. The cathedral looks beautiful.
Stay warm!

Joanna Cake said...

Hey Mr Glum. It's not too warm over here either. Not quite as cold as with you but then we're less hardy. The cathedral looks gorgeous in that picture!

Late to tell you, but I am up x

nilla said...

Hi Osbasso...i'd have that look too (well, if i had a beard and was a guy who had to load and unload a truck in ARCTIC conditions...)

Beautiful cathedral...and churches are notorious for being...chilly.


happy HNT...and i'm up


Mr. Smith said...

Way late - but were up!

Anonymous said...

Love the nutcracker.
The cathedral looks amazing.
I like your expression, although it does make me want to hug you. :)

Love this MG... so sexy.

oh and I just posted. :)


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Lady Grinning Soul said...

Os! I do not envy you those truck loading duties. That sounds like damn cold work. You're a hero for doing it! surely?

Minx looks divine! Especially that second shot… wow. Just wow. It's nice being back for the last few weeks.