Friday, December 30, 2011

Opening Lines 2011

I stole this from Leesa's site in 2005, and have continued each year. Except last year, when my dad's death sort of knocked me out of the "norm".

What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2009?

January -"Ooh, look! A blog!" (I posted this about 6 days into January. Don't recall why so late...)

February - "In spite of his brethren's observations in other parts of the country, this furry prognosticator saw his shadow today, thus guaranteeing 6 more weeks of winter weather." (My HNT post on Groundhog's Day--a shadow in the snow.)

March - "Definitely going to have to experiment some more..." (My HNT post through the water glass--the beginning of a series of pics through various glasses)

April - "It's Master's Week here in America." (Nothing excites me in the spring quite as much as this golf tournament--truly the best sign of longer days and warmer weather!)

May - "It's Sunday night." (Ummm...OK)

June - "I hope that all of you in areas that have experienced the wierd, wacky weather today are OK" (There's been so much weird, wacky weather this year, I'm not sure which one I'm referring to. And thank you all for not pointing out the misspelled word from the original post...)

July - "Gotta love a mid-summer four day weekend" (My annual 4th of July/Canada Day post, complete with videos of people shooting bottle rockets out of their ass!)

August - "Went to see "Cowboys & Aliens" on Sunday afternoon." (Don't normally go to movies, nor do I write about them when I do, but I really liked this movie! Olivia Wilde--mmmm....)

September - "This week's HNT is primarily for the benefit of my beer drinking girls who have deserted me over the years." (The beer from their favorite brewery is now available in cans--had to make them jealous, since they can't get it locally yet!)

October - "We celebrated Mom's birthday (yesterday) by taking her out for Thai food." (Still don't know if it was "good" Thai--nothing to compare with out here in the sticks...)

November - "It's twelve hours into November in my neck of the woods, and it's already obvious it ain't October!" (For as nice as October was, weather-wise, it didn't take long to get cold!)

December - "Oh, it's all bunching up on me all of a sudden!" (Symphony...what else?)
For better or worse, there ya go! Feel free to steal it, if you're so inclined!

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