Tuesday, December 27, 2011

By the Numbers, somewhat...

Who's done HNT?
  • A COUPLE of attorneys;
  • A COUPLE of active military;
  • LOTS of teachers (?!?);
  • LOTS of students;
  • LOTS of divorced people;
  • WAY TOO MANY unhappily married people;
  • QUITE A FEW happily married people;
  • TWO or THREE cancer survivors;
  • ONE internationally recognized cat breeder;
  • ONE animal trainer;
  • ONE piercer/tattoo artist;
  • LOTS of nurses or medical field, but no physicians that I'm aware of;
  • ONE airline pilot;
  • LOTS of wait staff/bartenders;
  • ONE coal handler;
  • ONE professional model;
  • A COUPLE of actors whose name can be found on imdb.com;
  • A COUPLE of truck drivers;
  • NO cops that I'm aware of, but many others in the 'first responder' category;
  • NO professional athletes;
  • A COUPLE of Vietnam vets;
  • A COUPLE of fitness/dance instructors;
  • MANY from IT/tech fields;
  • A FEW from the entertainment fields;
  • A FEW who have been published;
  • ONE full-fledged adult film actress;
  • TWO who have died;
  • LOTS whose relatives have died;
  • A HANDFUL of real photographers;
  • WAY TOO MANY "photographers";
  • A HANDFUL of real sexbloggers;
  • WAY TOO MANY "sexbloggers";
  • NO politicians that I'm aware of (no surprise);
  • LOTS of SAHMs;
  • LOTS of first-time parents;
  • A FEW newlyweds;
  • A HANDFUL of "Star Wars" geeks;
  • A SMALLER HANDFUL of "Trekkies";
  • LOTS of generic geeks.
If you don't fit one of these categories, feel free to add to the list in comments!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I wasn't part of HNT for long but I thoroughly enjoyed the time doing it.

Cheeky Minx said...

I'm still trying to figure out if I'm a real sex blogger or a fake one. I'm sure I could doctor a form of ID to convince you of my authenticity... ;P

Jack and Jill said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing the stats. We fall into seven separate categories from the list!

Cougar in Training said...

Very interesting list...not sure where I fall, but that's ok. Who was the adult film actress?

Silly Mistress : ) said...

Oh my. I'm gone for a little while and this is what happens, eh?? =X

I saw the Star Wars geek, and I was happy : ) Along with being a nerd, I'm content with that as well. :D And soon I'll be adding another one to the list ; )

Dana said...

Well, "LOTS of generic geeks" works pretty well as a catch-all, no??

How 'bout AT LEAST ONE Desert Storm Veteran?

Margaret said...

I fall into a couple of those categories. lol

Lost.in.Idaho said...

I think Rep Weiner may be your HNT politician, even though it may be an inadvertent participation...

Traveling salesman here. Not as interesting as a celebrity or soldier, but still...

Chapter Two said...

oh boy. hate to be categorized but suppose I fit into one or two of those for sure!

MinorityReport said...

Very cool.

I have a theory about teachers...it's the only place where it's acceptable to be perceived as sexual.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what an awesome list! I am glad to have known & met so many HNT'ers & I can figure out which category they fall into :)

P.S. Tara Tainton was(is) the porn star. I've met her, too!