Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moose and Griz and Saints

Wow. Christmas is coming upon us quickly, all of a sudden! Moose has been here since Friday night, and just left this morning. It's always great to see her. She got to see her best friend a couple of times; we took her last HNTs; we watched football; we drank beer and ate Howard's Pizza. But now she's gone. I can go back to leaving the toilet seat up, the dishes in the sink, and can scratch to my heart's content!
I mentioned football. Unfortunately, it was not a great football weekend in the state of Montana. On Friday night, my Griz lost to Sam Houston State, 28-31. The game started U-G-L-Y, as SHSU blew out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter! The Griz were completely blindsided, and looked terrible. However, for the last three quarters, and particularly the entire second half, it was all Griz. They only gave up 3 pts. in the second half, while mounting their comeback. It was a gutsy 4th & 1 call late in the 4th quarter by SHSU to go for it from their own 45, and they made it, keeping the ball for the remainder of the game. So for as proud as I am for their play, there's a lot of what-ifs around regarding that first quarter!

The Saints lost to St. Xavier (Ill.), 20-24. It was a close game throughout, and I think Carroll just didn't play to their potential. Their last possession of the game found them 4th and goal from the 9, and they had 4 straight incomplete passes. Execution just wasn't there. Still, they had a good season too. So now, football in MT is finally over. How long is it until September???
Don't forget about the theme for this week's HNT! It's a bugger, for sure! I've got mine picked out though--do you?

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