Monday, February 21, 2011

Road Trip & Other Things

Mini road trip this afternoon. Hope to come back with all sorts of pictures and stories!

#49--here I come!
In other news...I've got about 4 posts swirling in my head, but haven't found the time nor desire to actually get them written out. I do have notes, though, and they aren't time-sensitive, so they'll eventually get out.
The most screwed up symphony concert of the season (or decade--yeah, I know that's a bold statement for being so early in said decade) occurs this weekend. Five rehearsals or performances in four days, with complete set-up/tear-downs FOUR times. Funny how the church we're performing in considers itself a place of worship rather than a concert hall. On the plus side, we've run into so many obstacles that we may give up ever playing there again, which would be my ultimate goal! So I'm just rolling with the punches this weekend!
I'm finding that even though I'm not online a great deal these days, Word With Friends is keeping me in touch with an awful lot of people! Thank God they finally came out with an Android version!
Unless someone steps up to the plate, I've got no Mystery Guest this week. It's open to the first to request it--email me!


Cheeky Minx said...

Ooh... Road trip! Have fun and drive safe. xx

MinorityReport said...

Have a safe trip.
Yay! Words with Friends. :)