Thursday, February 10, 2011

iPhone HNT

Verizon and Apple officially release the iPhone 4 on Thursday. I have been an Apple/Mac geek since I bought my first computer way back when (holy cow! almost 25 years ago!). Needless to say, I was more than just a little miffed when Apple & AT&T came to an exclusive agreement. Not a big deal for those of you in the big city, but a problem for most of the western/plains states, where the network pretty much sucked. But now, Verizon gets their hands on it, and won't have to put up with all those early-day glitches.

Granted, I have never jumped on the bandwagon when Apple releases new toys. I let at least the first generation come and go, so that any unforseen glitches that might appear can be taken care of. So this time around, I'll sit back and let this one come and go as well. There's a rumor that the iPhone 5 will come out in the summer. I would hope that Verizon and AT&T will release the same models at the same time. That will give me time to hear the good and the bad. To make a decision between the iPhone and iPad (and I think I'll only get one or the other). And it will give me time to come up with the money needed for one or the other...

So here I am, with my Droid. With the shattered screen. Which I'm stuck with for awhile. And I can sit here and dream about better days ahead...

"I know a girl who's tough but sweet
She's so fine, she can't be beat
She's got everything that I desire
Sets the summer sun on fire

I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
I want candy

Candy on the beach, there's nothing better
But I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater
Some day soon I'll make you mine
Then I'll have candy all the time

I want candy
I want candy
I want candy
I want candy"

"I Want Candy"
- Aaron Carter

Please note that this week's Mystery Guest has also included this week's theme! She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon, but if you know who it might be, be sure to stop by and say hi to her!
Sometimes I wonder if I make the clues to easy... Of course, this week's MG is Cande from Diary! Be sure to stop by and say hi!
If you didn't help out Cher last week by buying something from Scentsy, there's another way you can help. Again, in her own words...
My friend Karin set this fundraiser up. It is through a company called My 31. It sells a variety of things. Purses, wallets, accessories, etc. Its pretty cool. We still have the Scentsy fundraiser going until the end of February, as well as the Paypal for those not interested in buying anything but want help. The direct link to My 31 is below. Pass along if you wish!
Now go buy something!
A weird day over at "...the Other HNT". Started out slowly, but we've got a decent showing over there. As usual, it's NSFW, but be sure to check out your fellow HNTers and leave lots of comment loving!
You'll notice that over the past three days I've been posting updates/Twitter statuses about Barefoot Dreamer's hospital stay. She's sore, on drugs, can't pee, can't eat real food, but survived. She's got about another week left in the hospital, but I won't post updates anymore unless things go bad. So with any luck at all, there won't be any!


SapioSlut said...

I'm up and naked at the station...

Happy HNT!

Libidinous Man said...

Happy HNT! This week we do our first He said: She said: style HNT. Check it out at You don't even have to type it in, just clickity, click. Sorry we couldn't follow the theme this week, neither V or I have iPhones but we think you'll like it none the less.

Osbasso said...

Vixen is out and about tonight, but was good enough to schedule her post!

Osbasso said...

BFD was also smart enough to schedule her post before heading to the hospital. Go see her parts before she got sliced wide open!

singedwingangel said...

I am up and no phone do I lose participation points???

Gucci Mama said...

I'm up after all. Go me.

JM said...

I won't be participating in the theme as I have a crackberry, and its nothing to write home about. I'm a little anti-Apple in that I'm a bit over how people go the whole Steve Jobs is God thing. They all have their issues I suppose, Apple just have a better marketing department!

MG looks delicous (I want some candy too!!)

I'm UP revealing a little more of myself than I have in the past!

Lusting Lola said...

I'm up...with a guest!

No iPhone theme, but I think you'll still enjoy it.

HHNT everyone.

Oh, and what a delicious MG!!

Emmy said...

I'm up - and I totally forgot about the theme given my week - oh, well :)

Love your shot - the broken screen made me giggle!
Happy HNT!

OneHotMama said...

I'm up, don't have an i phone but I think y'all will like it just the same.

Cheeky Minx said...

Your face pretty much says it all in your fab shot! Pity they don't make them to bounce rather than shatter.

I'm not playing the theme this week and lucky I'm not. I wouldn't stand a chance against the sweet and sexy MG...

I'm up.

13messages said...

Os, I love how you're always thinking of others and helping out when you can. You've got some lucky folks who get to call you their friend.

My best to Barefoot Dreamer and Cher and the rest of the good hearts who we know through your blog.

I'm up with my iPhone theme.

heelsnstocking said...

Im up and iPhone themed! :)

Couldn't decide which one to use so went all out.

Yummy x

Anonymous said...

I'm up! Not IPhone related as I don't have one :(

Happy HNT!

Mrs D.

Fat Controller said...

Don't have an iPhone4 and don't want one. I'm holding out for an HTC Desire. Maybe I'll include that in an HNT when I get it.

We're up, enjoying country house living.

Genevive said...

No iPhone though Tyler did search for one.

We're up Happy HNT!

Nights in White Satin

Genevive x

Maggie said...

I have no allegiances to tech at this point. I do love my iPod Touch and Android-based phone though. Clearly a tech-slut.

I'm up. Nothing to do with the iPhone but I did take it with my phone.

Molls said...

I'm up as well.

No iPhone for me. I live in a strictly Linux/Android household.

MinorityReport said...

I'm up (x2), but no phone for me.

Joanna Cake said...

Im up with my iphone and some other accessories :)

Give my best wishes to BFD xx

HyperSexualGirl said...

I want to know when the iVibrator is coming out.

And I'm up!

viemoira said...

I'm really wishing the Iphone would become available where we are- both Verizon and AT&T are spotty here.

Great unique way of incorporating the theme to both you and MG!

I feel for BFD as I had a similar procedure back when I was 22... It sucked!

OH- and I'm up with needles so beware! Haaaaappy Thursday all!

Anonymous said...

Droids are a good alternative to iPhones, especially if your carrier isn't AT&T (and now Verizon). Most of the good applications are available on both platforms. HTC makes some GREAT phones. It's more about having a genuine Apple device as opposed to not being able to do certain tasks. It will be interesting to see if Verizon becomes the premier reseller or get everything six months to a year later.

We are up at Married in Ohio and participated in the theme as be we could. It's actually one of the best theme based pictures we've taken recently.


I'm up with A Super Bowl HNT.

BTExpress said...

I recently lost my step mom, so this weeks HNT is about her. RIP Ma!

Richard, Shhh... said...

I'm up with 2 pics of my Valentine Tattoo, so to speak.

And, Os, I'm the last Vietnam Vet who's never done any illegal substance -- but we made up for it with alcohol (on a worldwide basis, even!)

padme amidala said...

Happy HNT Os. We are up with a sexy Valentine's day picture this week!
Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Haha.. totally commented on the wrong post this morning. Damn..and I would have been the first one as well!

ANYWAY - here I am.. beauty marks and all.

I am a total apple geek as well (I think it's genetic as my whole immediate family are too) and am currently rocking a 3GS... thinking it's time to upgrade, but yeah, like you, I think I'll wait it out and hope I can afford an iPhone 5 when it appears.

GORGEOUS MG this week.. and love the apple stuff going on there. Fabulous.

LGS xx

Dana said...

An iPhone?? I just want a computer! Mine died last night :( So... what's a good HNT-er to do? Well, I'm using my work computer to post!

MG looks simply beautiful!

Happy early Valentine's Day!

Daisygirl said...

I don't follow rules if you haven't figured that out by now...Im up and home from Tucson....nap time!

Ya totally wait until the next version comes out...sorry about your your phone that is!

Happy Thursday!

Vixen said...

Just can't get into the whole iPhone thing.....not for me.

MG is crazy sexy!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the iphone..but...not sure if i'd actually like an iphone. Hm...happy HNT.

singedwingangel said... I am up for my first time with me alone..

Anonymous said...

Its Cold in Texas.........Wanna see me warm it up?

Cande said...

I'm up too :) I love your idea. well done!
I didn't follow the theme though... no iphone unfortunately, as much as I'd like one :(

Anonymous said...

I've been HNTing for a while, I just have not been posting here. Thanks Cande for setting me right. BTW...Cande is all kinds of AMAZING HOTNESS! I would pick her HNT every week!

Melissa and Kevin said...

We're up:

Master's Azra said...

No iPhone's here. But I am up again this week! yay me

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You have a Droid? Sweet!

I want an iPad in the worst way, but I can't drop that much coin on a toy, you know?

Cande said...

I think I like this version better :)

Chapter Two said...

thank you to everyone for following my surgery and recovery and for the well wishes. I am finally up enough, and have less drugs so I can actually focus on a computer screen - so stopped by to say Hi, I am home and recovering.

I so appreciate blogger love