Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet HNT

I had a routine doctor's appointment last week. Just a six-month checkup on how the diabetes is going, and how I'm doing with it. I'm happy to say that I'm still doing pretty well. For the most part. I've actually gained weight, but I'll blame that on winter, for now. My blood sugar level is pretty good, but my blood pressure is a little higher than he'd like. So there's an adjustment in my meds. I got my cholesterol test results back today Tuesday: 134 (LDL level was 67--feel free to be impressed if you know what "normal" is!).

So this was turning out to be a decent visit, with my doctor being pleased with just about everything. Until, out of the blue, he asks, "Have you had a screening for colon cancer?" WTH?? Where did that come from? Now, for the record, I know full well that I'm at an age when there's all sorts of tests I should have had by now. That pesky "no insurance" thing has pretty much kept me from scheduling them. But now, in my condition, I need to start thinking of all these things, especially if he's going to be bringing up the subject. I knew he was serious when he gave me a "kit" to take home to take a stool sample. And I could just stick that in the mail and send it in. There's so many things wrong with just this part of things, and we hadn't even started discussing the actual procedure!

He went into his whole spiel about why I should have one, and what they're looking for, yadda, yadda... A colonoscopy, which is what I really need, costs really big bucks for someone who's uninsured, so we talked about the poor man's alternative. A flexible sigmoidoscopy. Google it, if you need to. The good news--he only shoves this ten-foot long rod up your ass part way. The bad news--nothing to sedate me. "You might feel some discomfort..." Ya think?!?

At this point, let me note that this particular area has always been a one-way street, exit only, other than the times that my mother used to take my temperature down there when I was six (for you young whipper-snappers, a rectal thermometer was the only way to take your kid's temperature back in the day. Right, Tony?). Anyhow, he went into some detail about the preparation for this inspection, including the fasting and the cleansing and how people generally take the day off for something like this because they were up all night sitting on the toilet, 'cleansing', because lord knows they want things spotless up there while they're exploring one's ass. How he'll "gently insert" this gargantuan rod, and take a look around the walls of my colon. It'll be like a parade, where they close off the streets, run the parade the wrong way on the one-way streets of downtown, and bring in the pooper-scoopers to make sure it's all clean once everyone's gone through. And then it turns into an art stroll. If he sees something interesting, he'll just pluck it off the wall and take it.

So, sometime in March (date is yet to be set), I'll be losing my anal virginity. Coming out of the closet, as it were. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to supply candy or flowers or anything. Maybe candles? Wine? On one hand, I'm sure I'll have some good blogging material. On the other hand, it might open up an entirely new lifestyle for me. I'll let you know. If I'm lucky, I could ask for a prostate exam while he's down there and get myself a two-fer!

"Nice legs Daisy Dukes
Makes a man go woo hoo.
Tight jeans double D's
Makin me go woo hoo...
Push it baby Push it baby out of control
I've got my gun cocked tight
And I'm ready to blow"
"Starstrukk" ~

I am not your typical girl.
I tell it like it is and I hold nothing back.
I'm stubborn and over analyze the world, it's both a gift and a fault.
I'm a fighter and I'm sure I could kick your ass.

Know who I am yet?

Check back on Thursday afternoon to find out!

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Libidinous Man said...

Happy HNT Everyone! This week V and I experiment with one of our new toys after I demonstrate my craftiness

Osbasso said...

Gucci Mama's on the road, but she was kind enough to leave us with a joke and her HNT pic!

Vixen said... March, eh? Maybe it won't be so bad! ;)

Hey....I know that MG. *whit woo!!!*

I'm up!


Sadie Smythe said...

Oh goodness, Os. I don't envy you in the slightest. But, I am giggling about the parade analogy. I'm afraid I'll never be able to look at a parade the same again!

I haven't done HNT for the last couple of weeks but am UP again tonight, with an excerpt from my upcoming book, Open All the Way. Hope you'll stop by for a visit!


SapioSlut said...

I'm up and naked in the middle of the road...

Daisygirl said...

Um sorry but laughing about you maybe losing your anal virginity! Sorry I had to!

This country sucks with health care!

Im up!

Happy HNT!

love the closet pic!

Dana said...

You know, you could work on "things" before the appointment ... or not ;) Glad the appointment went well overall!

I'm up with fingers and toes!

Chapter Two said...

I totally forgot about HNT - go figure.

mg= hot hot hot.

I am up.

Cheeky Minx said...

I suspect there might be more pleasant ways to pop your cherry! Although, you make the "gargantuan rod" sound so very appealing... ;P

I have to admit I'm very, very grateful to be living in a country that has a supportive health care system.

Very saucy MG!

I'm up.

JM said...

Ahhh Os! I can't say I envy you really! Still, a Man's gotta do what a Man's gotta do! Just try to think of it as just a really big thermometer, after all you were a lot smaller when those thermometers were used on you, so it may be relative in a way! ;)

MG is freakin hot! (might even know who this weeks is! )

I'm UP feeling alive, and getting some help from Jas!

Anonymous said...

I am up!

Back to visit you all later, of course.

Mr. Smith said...

HA!!! That one made me laugh - sorry Good luck.

Were up!

Emmy said...

Laughing at Dana's suggestion!
Your MG is quite hot! Wow!
I'm up!
Happy HNT!

13messages said...

Oh boy. You paint a very scary picture there. Another reason to keep holding on to my crappy job with the good health insurance here.

Good luck to you. I'm up.

Anonymous said...

I'm up! Happy HNT!

Mrs D x

Fae said...

that's a bit of an intense visit to the doctor... much more eventful than mine was today

good luck with that whole... thing :D

and here's my very first HNT contribution!!

heelsnstocking said...

I'm up and finally got the rest if that circus night posted to go with the naughty picture.

Mg has great pins!!


Bad Bad Girl said...

Happy HNT everyone!! I'm up with a photo from my nipple training. yes, I know it sounds silly!!

Just breeeeeeathe into the pain Os, it only hurts the the first inch or so...

Joanna Cake said...

Os, Over here everyone over a certain age has to spread poop on a piece of paper and post it through the mail. It's a natural precaution because colon cancer is very curable if caught early enough. Sadly my grandfather died from this back when they didn't talk about bottoms.

As to your anal virginity, trust me, once it's gone through the initial muscle ring, it should be fine and if they know what they're doing, I'm sure it will slip in fairly easily.

Im up with something that may interfere with your blood pressure. You have been warned ;P


Anonymous said...

I nicked a laptop! So I'm back to comment again earlier than usual.

Well well well Os... that is quite a coming out. You'll have to keep us updated on your anal virginity. Maybe get some tips from those who do see it as a two way street, hehe.

I do believe I know that MG rather well... looking hot hot hot!

Back for more visits later.

Fat Controller said...

As Frankie Goes To Hollywood once said: 'Relax'! It really isn't all that bad.

We're up with another view from our recent weekend away.

Leah said...

I have to blush and confess I've had this procedure done. Yes, it's not comfortable, yes you'll be embarrassed (who wouldn't be?)but the embarrassment is mainly due to the amount of farting you'll be doing after the rod comes out! If it's any comfort to you, the rod is flexible! Good luck and I hope they don't find anything. Mine was just IBS.

Janie said...

Eep. I think your face says it all! Good luck!

I'm up for the first time in a while :)

Oh and love that song (and the MG!)


Maggie said...

Good luck with that! Unfortunately, doing things for your own good doesn't necessarily translate into doing things that feel good. But you'll manage and it's for the best.

I'm up.

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT everyone - I'm up, three days post-surgery. Woo!

Anonymous said...

For all such things, the "prep" is much worse than the actual exam. And I don't know if your doctor told you this; but, once you have the baseline exam, you're on your way to "checkups" every few years to see if anything has changed.

We're up a Married in Ohio with a profile photo from our fictional personal ad. I'm even "flexing" like the ex-congressman.

HyperSexualGirl said...

Hmm, you've never had a girl put her finger up your pooper while she gave you a Monica? Or how about a doctor's prostate exam?

I'm up!

singedwingangel said...

UGH on the colon check.. keep you in my thoughts.. and I know that MG anywhere..

Genevive said...

We're up and feeling the love

Happy HNT!

Genevive xxx

Nights In White Satin

IveyLane said...

I'm sure you'll come through with flying colors!

Speaking of rear, I'm up with a rear view m'self!

viemoira said...

I've always had a bad case of "penis envy" but after hearing my M talk about how they test for STDs and reading your post- naaaa...not so much now ;)

Maybe you could take some muscle relaxer to help- and I hear they use plenty of lube which is half the battle (believe me ;) )

MG is hot- she can kick my ass anytime!!!

I'm up!


MinorityReport said...

~cringing at the scope idea~
Having gone though the colonoscopy fun last year, I'm wondering what happens if they need more info after the sigmoid-thingy? Would you then have to get the colonoscopy and pay for two procedures? You'd think there would be some sort of lower cost payment plan in place for people without insurance. :(
Stupid health care.

I'm up...late, but up. :)

Anonymous said...

You crack (hehe) me up!!!!

I'm up and playing again and will be making the rounds.

Please cum see me y'all!!


padme amidala said...

Happy HNT Os!

We are up!

We have a new HNT picture taken last weekend during our Valentine's day celebration. Check it out!!

Sexy slave girl:


?uestion said...

I'm Up :)

Lovey Kravezit said...
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Lovey Kravezit said...

I'm new and I'm up.

Molls said...

I'm up too!

Jim said...

Here's my HNT which kind of looks like I'm getting ready for to lose my anal virginity.

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT everyone. Hippy Dom here and enjoying the beginning of what I hope is a long run. First post today.

Anonymous said...

I am HNT up....also...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Here's hoping your poop chute is polyp-free!

Love me some MG!

His_Baby_Doll said... .....ok so lets see if I did this right it has been a while

The Smoking Redhead said...

Art walk, LOL!!!

Hehe, you might actually dig it dude!


Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh it was such a fun Valentines Day.......Come see what I was wearing.........

Melissa and Kevin said...

We're up:

shibari said...

MG is awesome...
Os you look adorable..
I am up and ethical

Kimberly said...

Definitely Good luck!

Master's Azra said...

I know what 'normal' LDL is and congrats OS! I am impressed! I am also up with a 'clean' HNT!

KittyCat said...

Glad to hear things are going good.

: )

Ashly Star said...

I LOVE the picture you paired with your post, lol. Perfect. And good luck in March. ;)