Friday, May 21, 2010

This day at work seems to be just dragging on, so why not write a post?

Part of me thinks I should wrap up this whole 5th anniversary thing up with one last post. I was thinking I should do a "state of the union" sort of thing, but was told in no uncertain terms that I shouldn't. It was suggested that I pick a few of my favorites of my own HNTs over the past five years. But I do that for the year-end thing anyway, so nothing really gained there.

I could write about how wonderful it was to see some names from the past join in for the anniversary theme (I guess I just did, didn't I?). Same thing with the Favorites post from the day before. I was really impressed with the number of people who did join in with the theme. Even the ones that didn't have to go too far back. As expected, most of them were on the tame side, simply because most of us took a tentative step in our initial HNT. Some of you took to a variation of your first, which was cool too.

I could discuss the good and the bad about HNT, but I want to maintain a positive tenor here. (I know! What's wrong with me?!?) Besides, the bad stuff is the same stuff we've dealt with for years. The good stuff? You can't get enough of that! But I'm not sure what I'd discuss.

I guess what I should focus on would be thanking all of you. There was a lot of "Thanks, Os" sort of sentiment among the posts this week. I guess I feel it's misdirected. It should be "Thanks, HNTers!" Because ultimately (and I've said this before), HNT is not about me. It's about YOU. If it were about me, it would have died within the first week. Yes, it might have been my suggestion, and yes, I push it and publicize it and promote it, but it's not me. It's YOU. So thanks to all of YOU!
Good news on the Phain situation! She was allowed back to her apartment to salvage what she could. And surprise! surprise! She was able to salvage quite a bit. Water-logged, but definitely not ruined. Enough that a friend brought over a big box truck to move it away. Much better than a pick-up truck! So, even after my heartfelt post below this, I'm still going to organize something after I talk with her. And GREAT news...the cat was found hiding in the closet!
Hey! S3 just came to visit me at work!
Ooh! Shiny thing...!


Ms Scarlett said...

I'm still gonna thank you Os! You put a lot of time into HNT, and have for 5 years!

Wonderful news about Phain!I'm so glad she was able to salvage some belongings, and to find her cat alive is amazing, given those pictures!

I laughed out loud at your last line.... that is SO my friend and I shopping. One of us is always veering off... Oooo, shiny!!


Joanna Cake said...

Great news that Phain has managed to retrieve at least some stuff.

And I too will thank you for what you have given to me through HNT - my new life. Obviously I have to include all the lovely people who have ever commented as well.

Between you, you provided a huge platform for me to try to deal with all my insecurities and, slowly but surely, it's all coming together.

Last night I sat with Ruf and consumed a huge dinner before being taken off to be bedded whilst wearing a belly that looked like a football,it was so full. He patted it lovingly, whilst we belched our way through some gentle lovemaking, and I just felt at peace with the world after so many years of fighting myself.

Thank you x

L0nestar5 said...

Awesome news on Phain!
And YAY!!! The kitty made it!

I agree....shiny things can be distracting.
I am regularly distracted by shiny things. (Last girl I dated was quite shiny too. At least other shiny girls never got in the way.)

Mr M

TUG said...

Wonderful to hear she was able to salvage some items. How in the heck did the cat survive? If I'm ever stuck in a fire with a cat, a dog and a hot chick I guess I know who to follow :)


S said...

Yeah you still get some credit!

Thank goodness the cat was hiding in the closet, and OS, I have an idea, you know how Target has gift cards, as do other stores?
Well, we could find out what store Phain uses for her everyday needs, and get her lots and lots of gift cards, we could send to her directly if she has a po box, or you could collect em and send on.
That way, if she has a lot of cards, she can take a couple and use as needed, they dont expire, what do you think about that idea?
Count me in, I will get a gift card when we know where miss phain shops.


Millie said...

I'm glad you seemed in good spirits in this post <3