Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Years of Favorites

Be sure to check the post below this one, too. It's a love story!

I'm going to do something that I've avoided for five years and come up with a "favorites" list of what I think are the best HNTs that I've run across. I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I hate having people list their favorites. It makes HNT become a competition. In that first year of HNT, there was even a site called "Blogging Hotties", which lasted for a few months, and caused all sorts of bad feelings by the time it sort of faded away. While it wasn't strictly limited to HNTers, a vast majority of them were. I was asked in the early days to do a "best of the year" post. My first thought--why would I be qualified to come up with something like that? Had I seen every single HNT ever posted? Did people know they were entering a competition?

Even today, there are those who feel like HNT has definite competitive aspects to it. Personally, I don't understand that, but I've heard it enough to know that some people feel that way. The feeling that someone has posted something spectacular, and that's what everyone should strive to "beat". Of course, there's been a progressive increase in the amount of nekkidness over the years, and even a subsequent decrease in it. But for awhile, that was the competitive aspect--who would be the first to push the envelope?

There's at least three bloggers who do a weekly "favorites" list of HNTs. And I inevitably feel that they leave someone out each week. I don't know what criteria they use, and frankly don't really care. It's interesting that, for the most part, the three of them rarely agree! And only one of them even considers looking at the male HNTers!

Anyway, after five years, I figure I can indulge myself. A one-time thing. After all, we ALL have certain ones that we consider "favorite"! The following are what I consider my favorites (notice I'm not saying the "best") of HNT. I tried to keep it at ten, but the list went to twenty 21 22. So sue me. And since I'm doing something I said I'd never do, I'll do it twice. There are a couple in here whom I didn't get permission from. I don't think they'd mind, but I hate doing that. And there's a couple that, because I didn't get their permission yet, I didn't include, because they would mind! So here we go (in no particular order). Click 'em to big 'em!

Leela Lamore
Remember the MG from a couple of weeks ago? The birthday girl with the gorgeous long blond hair? Well, the hair was even longer back in the day, until, unannounced, she posted this picture. Shaved it all off. For as shocking as that was at the time, there was also something quite striking about it. More power. More attention to her than to her hair. It made a huge impression!

Jinsane's pictures were always quiet and sexy and a pleasure to look at. This particular day jolted us into realizing that she had a feisty side, and was someone you wouldn't want to cross! She obviously was having a bad day that day, but good for us...!

Hippigirl was among the first HNTers during those initial early days. I seem to remember that it was a particularly hot summer in her neck of the woods, and she'd had HNTs of her laying face down in a shallow creek, and other methods of cooling off. This was probably the first HNT picture that ever showed a full face. Just a fun pic that happened to be half-nekkid! This picture is just so "her"! The hat, the trough, the beer--this is a woman you'd want to party with!

She was one of a handful of superb photographer/models that participated in HNT. She took all of her own pictures, and at this particular time was really getting into the use of shadows/light. She used a minimum of Photoshop, but got some wonderfully creative shots. And how can you not be drawn in by that subtle come-hither invitation?

This diminutive young lady made a splash with her HNTs from the very first one. She had some distinctive tattoos all over her body that she made no attempt to hide. Got her her own stalker, unfortunately. In spite of that, she pushed the limits with her poses and settings, and challenging traditional perspectives. Her series in the stairwell had people wondering if the stairs led up, or led down!

Everything Nice
Occasionally, someone would join HNT with no apparent connection to anyone else. Actually, that happened quite a bit in the "golden days" of HNT--when there were hundreds doing it each week. Anyhoo...EN was an established blogger with a decent-sized following. I just didn't realize that. Or her particular brand of blogging. I learned! This picture is just cool. Maybe it appeals to the bassist in me. Maybe it's because it's her first official HNT. I'm not sure, but I like it!

Up until a week ago, I would have included Chickie for an entirely different picture. But this one came out last week, and is just too cool for words. Natural smile, candid, and cute as a button!

Not to be confused with Chickie. Another early HNTer who did more than just snap a picture of her half-nekkidness. She had a number of great pictures, but there were a couple where she really played with depth of field and focusing. This one is remarkable for the detail showing through the water glass. Some of you people must take a half day to get the right shots!

Brisen sort of disappeared on us without warning. For the most part, her pictures weren't all that spectacular. Though there was a sort of boondocks feel to them. Then she gave us this one. Looks like the Garden of Eden in the early morning. Be sure to big it and note the cat's tail!

Brico and Audra
This was a fun couple. Our first cross-country love affair. He lived in the southeast. She lived on the west coast. He had some truly creative HNTs involving ironing boards and lava lamps. She had a tattooed mother that got her involved with HNT (hi, Emily!). We watched them shamelessly flirt with each other over their blogs. Then, to everyone's surprise, we find out that he flew out to spend a week with her! This picture was taken within hours of his landing out there. The picture sort of says it all. Needless to say, this affair didn't last too very long...

Ann got into HNT thanks to her sister Shannin. There were two of her pictures in particular that could have made this list. The one that didn't make it was one of her laying nude on a log in the midst of the forest in the Pacific Northwest. Spectacular shot. But this one stole my heart. Ann had longer hair than anyone who's ever done HNT (with one possible exception--hi, Triple L!). This particular picture took my breath away when I first saw it. About 4 months later, she hacked it all off for Locks of Love.

How can you choose only one from so very many? Vixen has set the bar so high for herself that you just know that next week's picture is going to be better than the last. But this picture really showed a different side of her than most people were aware of. Her entire series of this shoot was quite erotic. Without showing off the goodies!

Another one who has given us so many great shots, yet two of which stand out in my mind. Her very first HNT is burned in my mind (she'll be using it this week, so I won't). When she joined in the festivities, I knew that we'd hit the bigtime. I'd followed her for awhile, but never imagined that she'd actually do HNT! And she's never disappointed, other than not being regular about it! This is another one of those shots that, even though posed, doesn't have that sort of feel to it.

I haven't ranked any of these yet, but I can say (and often have) that this is the best HNT that we've ever had. We had read about Sam's dad dying of cancer (right?...geez, I can't remember). This picture was taken just an hour or two before he died. And she posted it the next day for HNT. To me, this is as nekkid as you could get. Father and daughter bonding in the last minutes of his life. There have been others since who have done a similar thing, but this was the first that we'd been exposed to as a community. And still sends chills up my spine.

Ms. Inconspicuous
Ms. I wrote some of the best stories out here. Her way with words, her experiences, her photography--all made her a favorite of many of us. Her job took her across the country, and a majority of her HNTs were taken in the many hotel rooms she found herself in. She was also quite successful at protecting her anonymity, as was definitely necessary! This particular picture always caught my fancy, as it's very much a tease. And she did that better than just about anyone!

Minta lives in the desert southwest, and constantly reminds us that she's out by the pool during the dead of winter... A couple of years ago, Heather (see below) came to visit and they went out to take pictures amongst the rocks. Might have even been the summer solstice (which would be right up their alleys). Nekkid in the desert at twilight. Pretty cool shot.

No One Special
This girl has gone through a couple of different name changes over the years. Her HNTs were primarily b&w pictures at first, and had sort of a darker edge to them. Then all of a sudden, she posted this picture with her amazing smile. Imagine my glee when I found out that she only lived a couple of hours away! Yeah, we've had beers together!

I have, on numerous occasions, said that Crimson is the undisputed and only Queen of HNT. She was sexy without showing off the goodies (OHNT was a different matter...). One week she might be in a flannel shirt, and the next week in some very hot lingerie (and lord, did she have an assortment of lingerie!). And almost always with at least a small glimpse of her hair. But you never knew what to expect. As was the case when she wore this collar one week. Who'da thunk it?

Britni is a trailblazer in HNT lore. Prior to one of her HNTs, the nipple/breast picture had only been hinted at. Britni blew that out of the water with an arm's length away shot of her breasts. Shocking at the time! Anyone who's been to her site over the years knows that's her style. But only recently has she done anything that I'd consider a "favorite". The hotel series from not too long ago is exhibitionism at it's finest. While I like another one from this series too, this one has the added bonus of the M.C. Escher-like feel to it!

This pixie is another one of those that took her own pictures, and never anything that was quick and easy. Her home had a definite feng shui to it, and she would take HNTs in just about every room in the house. Always one to try new things, she used props, lighting tricks, and interesting angles. This one has always been a favorite of mine.

One day, out of the blue, a woman started posting HNTs, many of which were somehow related to knitting. And not to afraid to go topless while hiding behind her latest creations. Then one day she posted this one, and I was smitten. This is also the first picture she ever posted on her site that showed this much of her face. She has since done a number of themed HNTs, but in my mind, this is the best of the bunch!

I would have included this one with the original 21, but I just found it again. This was shortly after Moose's mother died after a long battle with cancer. She was feeling very much sad and alone, and it shows here. One of my favorites, not just for the emotion, but it's my best friend (and one of the original six HNTers) nekkid!

So there you have it. Twenty-one Twenty-two of my absolute favorites. There's a couple more that I would have like to have added to the list, but I don't know how to get ahold of the person. Hope you enjoyed this look!


Going Cerebral said...

i love HNT for the artistry. and i agree with you on the daddy-daughter pic...it makes me weep.

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Thanks for featuring me! For those that will be clicking over to my site, I've removed most of my HNTs, sorry to say. But I'm honored to be featured and can't believe it's been 5 years since HNT started!

Ashly Star said...

Aww, Biscuit. I always loved seeing her HNT pictures. She was one of my favorites to go see. I wish she blogged more, she's an awesome lady.

Nice list. :)

Crystal Girl said...

Wow, all those sexy bodies!

~minta~ said...

aw shucks......thanx man!~ u know i LUV'd doing HNT....but had to stop after a few 'stalker type" peeps that i worked with found them.....lol yeah....surprise boss!... here she is in ALL her glory......great list ....& i am honored to be amongst all this beautifulness!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

wow wow wow

Jinsane said...

Thanks for adding me to the list Os. Being a part of HNT awakened a part of my soul that I didn't even know existed....and I will always be proud to have been a part of it. Hell, I might even get a wild hair in the future and start it back up. It was always my favorite day of the week. Love ya.

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing these - each one spectacular in their own right!

On the "competition" note ...

I can only speak for myself when I say that I think The feeling that someone has posted something spectacular, and that's what everyone should strive to "beat" misses the point.

HNT is just so much more than a photo posted on Thursdays :)
It's not about "beating" anyone - it's about measuring up to a standard of beauty set so high by our culture, and met by so many of these women. It's about "non-traditional" beauty being respected, admired, appreciated and validated to the same extent as it is respected, admired, appreciated and validated for those whose photos grace this post.

Elle said...

Love the stories with each of these pictures. It's what makes them great! Well, ok, ok, they're quite amazing and sexy too ;)

Summer said...

I love this tribute! I've never thought of it as a competition and it makes me sad when people take it down to that level. It's about celebrating the diversity of the individual.

The HNTs I love the most are the ones that have a story behind them and not just a body part flashing across the screen.

Vixen said...

Biscuit. Will always in my mind and heart be THE *hnt* master. And I will continue to bow down to her.

(but I won't continue doing FF ;)

Great post this one was. xoxo

heelsnstocking said...

all amazing pics, i dont know how you can choose there are so many beautiful pics each week.

keep inspiring x

Heather ~Pixie~ said...

Hey LOOK my booty! ; } I loved my time spent participating in HNT and especially hanging in the desert with Minta! Getting to know yourself through self portraits is a journey and if it wasn't for HNT I don't know that I would have walked that road.

Thanks goes to Os for hosting our fun and to everyone else who looked, commented, and played along!!!

Ms. Inconspicuous said...


I have to say, too, that I miss Biscuit--both the HNT and the blogging. More so the blogging. :)

No one Special said...

Thanks Os, What an honor to be one of your favs. Your the BEST!!
Luv Ya!!

S said...

I remember a lot of these, but the one that really gave me shivers, Sams post of holding her fathers hand hours before he passed. I remember it well.

Thanks for posting! So cool.
Os, believe it or not, I am up, now my first HNT was of my daughter so dont go expecting anything saucy!
I will come back later and do the IM UP thing!

Biscuit said...

Well, geez, y'all are going to make me cry. Thank you :-) It's very nice to know that my pictures were appreciated, and lovely to be included here among all of these beautiful people!

Tragic™ said...

I miss Texas Spitfire, she was so 'old skool' I wish I could see her again, she was my buddy, almost my emotional cyber-twin, one of the very few who knew WHY I was Tragic back in the day..

Autumn said...

what a lovely post! i really enjoyed this. all of them were beautiful and creative. ok, so thanks for harrassing me to come check this out. :)

so glad i'm here. xoxo

esp. touched by the father/daugher of course. it's on so many levels.

Jen Fooled Around said...

Great choices.. and most are pics I had never seen before..

I love how creative people get when it comes to these, some so simple and others.. so very complex.

Thanks for hosting us all !!!

lecram said...

A great selection, Os!

Chickie said...

Aw, thank you. :)

Leela LaMore said...

Awwwww honey bunkin this is so sweet to include me *blush* and this list includes ALL of my fav HNT'ers back in the day (so to be included along with shew some of the best I thank you).

Most of the above friends (helloooooo friends!!!) have pretty much summed it up already.

"Getting to know yourself through self portraits is a journey and if it wasn't for HNT I don't know that I would have walked that road.
Grateful...forever." <---yes indeed Heather *hugs my darling*

It was/ is a blast to participate. It sure stretched (s) my creativity and artistry. BUT in all of it HNT created one of the most amazing comunities that I was/am so proud to participate in.

Hugs to you all *mwah*

Sam said...

Thanks, Os. I am so glad that I thought to take this picture of my father before he died.

Cheeky Minx said...

Such beauties and stunning photographs (and beautiful words by you).

I can see why they have lingered in your mind...

Professor Fate said...

Great choices.

Everything Nice said...

This is a fantastic celebration best enjoyed again with a glass of wine ;) Cheers to all beautiful bodies and those who admire them. Xoxo for the pleasure Os :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great walk down memory lane. I've had so much fun with HNT & the people that I've met because of it! Thank you :)

Chick said...

Thanks for including me...I had so much fun with these & it helped me make my photography better.

The Queen said...

These are just awesome pictures.. such beauty and talent..