Thursday, May 27, 2010

Phain Update, and Requested HNT

PHAIN UPDATE! - I started out last week's HNT telling you about Phain's apartment going up in flames earlier that night, and a post the next day with pictures and everything. Well, while things are bad, they aren't as bad as they could have been. Far more "stuff" was able to be salvaged than ever thought possible. Mentally and emotionally, it's been a horrible week for her, but she knows where her faith needs to be placed, and she's getting through it. In her own words:
"There has been such an outpouring of support from everywhere – church, school, work, friends & family. We are so blessed to be a part of an amazing community and I know without a shadow of a doubt that God’s hand is on all of this.

Our immediate short term needs continue to be met - above and beyond our expectations. We do not need any additional clothing or toiletry items and are requesting local folks to direct anything they intended to donate to us - to take it to the Salvation Army (who, btw, along with the Red Cross have been AMAZING). We will hopefully move into the new condo this weekend and have donations of furniture arriving at that time and probably throughout few days after that. If anyone feels led to donate, even small amounts of $10 genuinely are appreciated and helpful - gift cards are probably easiest at this time: Target, Walmart, Lowes, Sears, or the universal Visa/AmEx gift cards are great and can be used anywhere. We've even gotten a few Starbucks and McDonalds gift cards that the kids have been really excited about. Well...I'm probably more excited about the Starbucks than they are, but you get my point.

All that to say this: We are doing good. Really good. Better than I could have fathomed last week as I sat and watched that building burn. God is good. God is faithful - and He has me and my children in the palm of His hand. Yes, I've been sad and I've cried - hoooo boy have I cried - but one thing I've never experienced throughout all of this is dispair. Because I KNOW that God is taking care of my family and will continue to take care of us - through the love and support of our friends, family, and community." /endsermon
So there you have it. If you are so inclined, gift cards are the way to go. I haven't thought this through yet, but I think that any gift cards should be sent to me, to forward on to her. She's not gung-ho about letting everybody know her name/address. Friday's post will have details, but think about it now. Can gift cards by purchased online? I think they can... Ten, twenty bucks? More? Seems like a no-brainer to help out one of our own!
I'll keep this short and sweet. I was emailing with someone last night, and they said that they wanted to see a picture with my hands. In exchange for an OHNT picture. Terms of the agreement have been met.

Anyone who's been around for a decent amount of time should be able to recognize this week's Mystery Guest. Is it because of her legs (that never seem to end)? Perhaps it's the pink cowboy hat that has appeared in so many of her HNTs? Or is it because she has once again gotten her hands on the OsShirt (more than anyone else so far!)? It could be any/all of these reasons! While the view here ain't bad, I think my point of view is much, much better!

If you know how to find her, be sure to drop by and say hi! She'll be revealed late Thursday afternoon.
This shouldn't have been too hard to figure out, except for the newer people here. Of course, it's Q from Hooked on Quack. Once again, she had to abduct the thing. She's got a nasty mean streak, I tell ya! BTW--her site is invite only, so if you need to, you can go to her profile and ask her to let you in!

Be sure to check out "...the Other HNT" and see what your fellow HNTers have been up to! Leave them some comment love, too (right now, less than 1% of all visitors over there leave a comment. And that isn't a number pulled out of my ass--just last week (Wed-Wed), that site got 13,424 page loads, and 5,982 unique visitors, resulting in a whopping 31 comments. That's a .518% rate of comments. In other words, roughly 1 in every 200 visitors leaves a comment. But that's skewed as well, since those who DO comment, generally leave multiple comments. People are looking, but they're not talking! Do something about that today! Oh, yeah...NSFW!
If you want to see more of the OsShirt adventures, stop by the OsShirt site! New pictures are up, and a fancy new map that shows where it's been and who's been seen in/with it! And best of all, it's almost current!!
Getting some interesting questions submitted through that formspring box over there in the sidebar. Keep them coming! Anonymously, even!
If you didn't see it mom made the local paper (no, not the police reports). You can check it out here (they captioned the picture incorrectly--Mom's on the left).


SapioSlut said...

I'm up and - oh my! - being fisted...

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

You have all the luck Os, MG has luscious legs and luscious bod.

Bottoms up at my place (oh and me too)...

:) xx

Jobthingy said...

that MG click is cracking me up. and your hand pic is mad.

im glad to hear Phain is doing well during this time.

Im up and enjoying the heat.


Chickie said...

Your photo is neat! I think you earned whomever's OHNT!

Another lovely MG.

solitarysexualpsyclist said...

I'm down with enjoying a momentary sprawl.

Happy HNT :)

BTExpress said...

The MG insists we call the cowboy hat, a Stetson. Texans are so sensitive. I found that out on your 50th in Dallas.

I'm actually awake this week to tell you my HNT is up.

Ms Scarlett said...

OMG.. the click-thru on that MG... classic!!

Nice mitts Os!!

I'm up, with more of the same!

XO ~ Scarlett

Emmy said...

Very sexy MG!
Love the hand picture too.

And I'm up!
Happy HNT!

Vixen said...

Yeah the click on the MG is pretty funny. ;)

I'm up! Rum anyone?!


Crystal Girl said...

Hi sweetie, I'm up early...yay!

And thanks for having me as your MG last week, It was much fun. Sorry, I'm taking off this week with OHNT. I know, sucks, but I just needed a lil break. I be there next week, OK!

And lovely MG this week!!!

xoxo, Crystal

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I am up and feeling sunny

That is the best click thru ever maybe!!!! hahahahaaaa cuz I laughed

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Sage is on the road again

But I did notice he is still in the tub for HNT


He has one hot mama as a guest (wow)!!!

Elle said...

Glad to hear Phain's ordeal seems to have brought out the best in people around her! Losing everything to fire must be horrible...

I LOVE your hands picture! Really!

And I'm up. No hands on mine, but still allright :P

Millie said...

I'm up, and very tame tonight :) about to possibly work up a sweat, though.

Margaret said...

I love your hands.
And you would be lookin' up the MG's shirt. lol

I am up.


Sexie Sadie~ said...

Glad Phain is doing okay! And look at those BIG hands!!!

Ps. Don't feel too bad about that Mickey D's. There are more where it came from.

I am up!

13messages said...

I'm glad that Phain is doing as well as she is. My best to her.

Your mystery guest is so cool. And the click? Awesome!

I'm bruised and up.

heelsnstocking said...

I'm up and messaging through one squinted sleepy eye.
Happy hnt and Os Mmmmmm to the hands, you know my thoughts about them I think

Moosekahl said...

I'm dirty but I'm up.

Kevin Lomax said...

Up - and struggling with html-code...


Cheeky Minx said...

Hmmm, very interesting palms there, Os. I'm sure we can have them read to reveal your secrets!

The MG is stunning - and I'm still giggling thanks to the click through.

I'm up in full colour!

Ashly Star said...

I know you can purchase some giftcards on I'm not sure about much else. I'd think doing some paypal donations might be easier than finding a way to send giftcards? Or like you said, have people send the stuff to you and you forward it on. Any way you go about it, I hope they get some help. I'd love to help, you know how I dig helping people out, but I'm not in any position to be able to do anything. I might post about it and send people over here if you're going to do another post about it. Maybe I can get some readers over here to help out if nothing else.

Formspring is always good for interesting questions. ;)

Happy Thursday! :D

GrrlTragic said...

It's good to read that Phain is going to be ok, my house burnt when I was four and it was a terrifying time for my family.

The MG click-thru is killing me! Haha!

Happy HNT everyone, I'm up too :-)

Jen Fooled Around said...

Thanks for the update.. so glad to hear that she is getting so much help and support. Gives you back some faith in mankind.


Topaz said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. And yes, those are quite the legs.
Sorry for being so out of commission for HNT these days, but hey, I've made the extra effort to finally get one up!

-Topaz -

Maggie said...

Too bad there isn't some sort of Amazon wishlist for gift cards, then they could go directly to her because it hides the address. Unless there is one? Hmm.

I'm up.

MinorityReport said...

Love the black and white pic this week!
HHNT. :)
I'm up.

Scintillectual said...

I'm up! Exhausted, but up. ;)

HyperSexualGirl said...

Looks like you're fending off the paparazzi!

(I'm up.)

Anonymous said...

That is a great click thru photo!

We are up at Married In Ohio with the first photos from our new digital camera.

Hubman said...

I'm glad to hear that things aren't as bad as originally thought for Phain.

I'm up, with as much of a view of my face as you're likely to ever get!

Veronica liked my HNT picture so much, she chose to imitate it!

viemoira said...

I recently had a friend lose her home to fire. It is such a horrible thing- glad to hear that Phain is getting much support!

Your hands look incredible strong Os! HHNT- I am up on time this week... ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice Jazz Hands, Os :)

I have to agree, I think the MG's click-thru is pretty funny, too!

I'm up, with a little something everyone should recognize by now :)

Westcoast Weirdo said...

I'm uppity up!

Dana said...

Great news about Phain! It's always nice to hear of potential tragedy that becomes something close to a gift!

I'm no commenting on the Os Shirt MG - I'm convinced there is an Os Shirt clique and they are playing keep away from the rest of us!

And yes ... I'm up! Seems that HNT bug bit me a little harder than I expected last week *wink*

Genevieve said...

Glad things are getting better for your friend Phain.
I like the hand picture and MG is wonderful as always.
Cool article on your Mom. My Aunt and her neighbor had a friendship like that. :)

Joanna Cake said...

Your mum is adorable! And what a great story :)

More yoga over at mine. HHNT x

padme amidala said...

We're up! Happy HNT!!

R.R. said...

My first HNT is up. :)

Westopher said...

I have about three people who comment on my blog so today I'm NEKKID IN BED. Join me & comment!

The Kinky Pixie said...

IM UP!!!

Essin' Em said...

Love the hands. I'm up! HHNT :)

Kyle said...

Happy HNT

... out of the darkness...

Ms. Lily said...


we are up

Anonymous said...

Whoo, I'm up!

SlipperyWhnWhet said...

HNT: "Cuming"

PandaDementia said...

I'm up with some Summer Dreamin'! :)
Happy HNT!

James said...

I'm up, sorry for the late notice.

Anonymous said...

Dang I didn't get herein time to say I knew it was Q but great pic and shes always excellent MG!

Mines up and such.

Bella said...

mine's not up but i just wanted to say "nice hands O"!

Anonymous said...

I'm up. Glad this is based on Mountain Time. Otherwise, I would have missed the deadline.

Happy HNT everyone!

And thanks again Osbasso. You rock dude.

Isadora-Blaque said...

Happy HNT!! Please enjoy!

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