Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hmmm...what can I write about?

Symphony concert went off without a hitch Saturday night. Good crowd, great soloist (piano), and the orchestra played really well. Even without trombones! Set-up and tear-down were quick and easy. I've got nothing to complain about with this one! Upcoming--nothing in November, but two weeks of intense work in December, with performances of "Messiah" and "Nutcracker". Gotta love the season...
Speaking of the season...something I saw at the end of September--my first Christmas commercial! Time-Life selling "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" (or something like that). Featuring the Rockettes! Nothing like high-kicking showgirls to celebrate the birth of Jesus...
As mentioned in my last post, I expected one of my football teams to lose this weekend. Fortunately, none of them did, but Carroll's game was won late in the 4th quarter. Against the last place team in their league. Carroll and the Griz are both ranked #2 nationally in their respective divisions. Not all football is played in Texas or Florida!
I am LOVING AMC's Fear Fest '09!!! It's been a nice mix of old, sort of old, and newer movies, and both original and remakes. CANNOT WAIT for "Night of the Living Dead"! I might have to break out my Top Ten Favorite Scary Movies list!
You still need to go vote for Trojan! She made it up to #31 over the weekend, but has fallen back a couple of spots since then. Help get her numbers up!!
I'm hesitant to make mention of this next site. It's one that I ran across while doing a search for something else. I'm sure that many of you have never run across one quite like it. Unfortunately, there's many others like it. The only way to describe them is that they are written by men who have a specific opinion about the place of women, their role in society, and find examples to bolster their beliefs. Cavemen had better judgment. And yes, a couple of you have been singled out. I won't say whom--you'll have to do a search to find out. When blogs aren't being singled out, new articles and "research" are presented. I only leave the link because I think you need to know what's out there. I apologize in advance on behalf of my gender...

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