Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins: #146 and other stuff...

First off, thanks for the good thoughts and well wishes. I didn't intend to make my HNT a post looking for pity, though I guess there's not a whole lot different ways to look at it. I did find humor in the "Os, get better. Oh, and I'm up!" way that most of the comments went. It brought a smile!
Current problem I've got right now is blurry vision. It'll be a couple of months before it gets better to the point that it's going to get. In the meantime, I can't read anything without using my Dollar Store readers. They're important when I'm shooting up my insulin, too. It's all to be expected as my fluid levels readjust, but it's a real pain in the ass right now.
I actually took some notes while laid up to post on, but I must have tossed it. One thing I do remember is that AMC will be running its Fright Fest from Oct. 23-31. I'm definitely looking forward to that!!
We have a symphony concert next weekend. There was some concern about if/how much I could do, but I think I'll be ok. The saving grace is that I don't have to play in this concert, so there's far less stress. I'll definitely be in a finger-pointing, supervising role, so things should be fine.
It's been a few weeks since I've played, but I'm back! we go!

1. So are we going to ever have a Big Mac again?

2. Lots of reading and planning is what's up ahead.

3. I love to surprise people from time to time.

4. I really wish there were a middle ground of some sort.

5. I walk a little bit, but that's about to change.

6. Pear nectar is the true elixir of life!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to grocery shopping, tomorrow my plans include symphony and football and Sunday, I want to watch football and read up more on diabetes!

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