Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Day HNT

OK, it's time to wipe the slate clean after last week. Anything written or said...I'm not responsible for. Well some of it anyway.

Let's get it out in the open and just say it. I was incredibly close to death last week. Some of you didn't quite "get it", thinking it was just Os being Os. Truth is, I'm not sure I still quite realize it. My sisters and BIL3 do. They were there. Mom does. She saw her little boy lying in bed with tubes in both his arms and looking gray. The small handful of people who heard me on the phone could tell (and once again, my thanks to M, Jessica and my sister for getting the word out to the FB people). No blood or guts or pain or anything like that...sorta takes away from the whole "death" thing. But I was there. Dancing the dance. Not that I realized it...

I'm not going to make this my diabetes blog or anything like that. Nor am I going to be preachy or anything like that. I might play the "I-almost-died" card once or twice. And I might tell a tale or two (thank me for not getting into the TMI of what the meds and fasting can do to a stool sample...). Things around the Land of Os aren't going to change much. In my real life, there's all sorts of changes happening. Hopefully, all for the better. And the best part, you're all going to be there to help!

For HNT, I could have really done the hospital gown thing, but that's too cliché, and you expect more from me. So here's the state of my arm as of Saturday morning. My veins have never cooperated when needles are involved. There's a smaller matching one on the other side, too! If you're really interested, you can click and see a sick Os...

Too much stuff going on this week, so I didn't get a Mystery Guest worked up.
Same thing for OHNT. For those of you who sent something in, I'll save them for next week, if you don't mind.
For those of you who didn't do anything last week, you can still go vote for Trojan on a daily basis in her bid to win a modeling contract. If you missed the details, go see last week's MG. And if you don't think your vote counts, she's jumped up into the top 50 in her category. That's out of over 4500. Please vote for her. Daily!
Still working on getting caught up on last week's HNTs, let alone this week's! I'll get around to you all at some point, I promise!

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