Sunday, June 10, 2007

Out of Hiding

At least that's what it seems like. Funny how lack of inspiration hits so quickly... I just had nothing to blog about all weekend. Got to chat with a couple of people, but for the most part, the weekend was spent cleaning house--reshelving, rearranging, tossing things out, etc. Summer must be coming up quickly!
The first hint of competition in the Contest has surfaced. There are 4 people who are close--but none of them are 100%! Surprisingly, all four of them are missing different people! Remember, the Contest ends Tuesday night at midnight (MDT). There's a $50 iTunes gift card up for grabs!
Ah, love.... There's two buildings of my apartment complex. The "other" building seems to have a great deal more turnover than my building. Fairly recently, some rather noisy younger people moved in. I'm not sure if it was a couple that was shacking up, or a couple of guys with their girlfriends. All I know is that they'd been coming home after bars closed, with their music up loud enough to be heard for a couple of blocks. And they could wake up the neighborhood just from the yelling and cursing and laughing from their cars to their door. Well, somewhere along the way, something happened. It's gotten much quieter around here lately!
(Two different cars. Click 'em to big 'em)

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