Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beer Drinkin' HNT, and Contest Results!

Looks like sometime tonight I'm going to pass the 500,000 visitor mark. Woohoo!
UPDATE: Visitor #500,000 stopped by at 4:28AM MDT (8:28PM local time) from Sydney, Australia. Their ISP is Chilli Internet Sollutions. Congratulations! (sorry--no prize...)
Summers here in town mean the return of everyone's favorite function, "Alive @ 5ive" (I don't want the search engines here looking for "Five". Plus I'm channeling my favorite album from the Jackson brothers...). Anyway, it's beers and food at 5:00, and live music from 6 to 9. Not sure who's playing tonight, but no one's there for the music. It's a chance every week to meet up with friends, have a good time, and catch a new band each week.

This is something that's been going on here for 10 years, I believe. My band has played for at least 8 of those years. This year, we will be at the final one of the summer. Crowds aren't quite as big in September, but we won't be broiling in 95° heat, either.

Tonight, I meet up with a couple of high school classmates to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of them. She's almost the last one in our class to turn 50. We'll eat, we'll drink, and drink some more. And like the old farts that we are, will be home around 8:00. Some of us have to take care of HNT!

This week's Mystery Guest is a long time HNTer, having participated for well over a year. She drinks Bud Light, smokes Marlboro Lights, has a few tattoos. She's gone to Sturgis! Her dad is a guitarist in a band, and I believe she's been on stage with them a time or two. She can put her legs behind her head (can't wait for that HNT!) and showers twice a day. She's a fighter, and doesn't let life keep her down. She's also got a very girlie side, which we get to see each week, and is a very proud auntie!
I'll be revealing her here late Thursday afternoon, but if you know who she is, stop by and say hi!
This week's MG is the lovely Jinsane over at Mind Blowing Insanity. Stop by and check out her Tool Time pics!
"...the Other HNT" is full of lovely shots today! The guys stepped up to the plate early--thought that's all I was going to get for the week at one point! Stop by and check everyone out (and leave a comment!). As usual, it's definitely NSFW!
The Graduation Picture Contest has ended. As promised, it wasn't very easy. No one got all of them correct, but most got more than I anticipated. First off--who were the graduates (click it to big it)?

1. Rob of Opening Time
2. Jules of Julie, Do Ya Love Me?
3. Jon of Kick In The Pants
4. Regal of Life…Or Something Like It
5. No One In Particular of Tasty Tidbits Of Life
6. Polt of Polt's Palace
7. Vixen of Secrets Of A Blue-Eyed Vixen
8. Snow White of Snow Wonders
9. Leela of Leela Lamore
10. Beth of Snark City
11. Summer of Summer Is The Shizzle
12. BTExpress of BTExpress
13. Hella of Just Rambling On!
14. Vic of Geekalicious
15. Tara of Tara Tainton
16. Biscuit of One Biscuit Hound
17. Phain of Le Chat Qui A Peur
18. Exposed of Hidden In Plain Sight
19. Osbasso of Views From The Back Row
20. Chelle of It's My Escape!!!
21. Moose of Give A Moose A Muffin
22. Simply Me of This And That
23. Bekah of My Kingdom….
24. Skindee of Adventures In Blah Blah Land

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their pictures! For the record--Jules, NOIP, Phain, Moose, Simply Me and Skindee were correctly identified by everyone who answered. After that, it was a crap shoot.

Some people threatened me with physical harm if they didn't win. A couple of them tried to bribe me. But I stood strong! The winner--OK--this is embarrassing...I'm awaiting clarification from someone... I'll have the winner ASAP!!! Sorry!

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