Thursday, June 07, 2007

One More Birthday Present HNT

Someone asked me after last week's HNT about what other things I got while I was in Dallas for the big weekend. I certainly didn't go down there expecting anything more than beers and good times. Which I got over and over! But I got a little bit of something from everyone that was there, each holding a special moment, at least.

Focusing on what Tara Tainton and her lover/friend/roomie got me (only because they got me a couple of fun things...)--I loved the Lava Glitter Lamp that I posted last week. The other really fun thing was this USB-powered mini-aquarium! The fish swim around, and the blue lighting is sort of hypnotizing. If you think that watching glitter float around is a time killer, then you'd be in for a treat watching this! And I have. For hours. (be sure to click to see the fish!)

The other gifts I received mean as much to me as well. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, the cap, the lap dances (!), the beers, the nightlight (using it!), the quiet times, the t-shirt (ha!), the heirloom, the scrapbook, and the rest of it--all of it meant a great deal. Oh, so did the burned copy of "Pirates"! No, not the Johnny Depp thing. But "Pirates", the most expensive porn movie made to date. Can't quite watch it from beginning to end, if you know what I mean, but everything I've seen so far is pretty good! It even has a plot! Thanks, Tara!!! And thank you all that were with us in Dallas! I won't forget that weekend!
As Phain noted in the comments, the Dallas bloggers weren't the only ones that I got bday presents from! It was not my intent to leave anyone out (though Moose can tell you that I'm terrible at that sort of thing...). So to all of you that took care of me for my bday, my many thanks and humble apologies for not mentioning some of you!
My plea for a Mystery Guest this week apparently worked, as this young lady stepped out of the shower and stepped up to the plate. She's a little shy, so she won't be revealing herself. I can tell you that she's been an avid HNT participant since she first started joining in. She's single, she's sexy, and hides a few mildly shocking secrets behind her innocent smile. Which, unfortunately, you won't see here. But I don't think you'll mind...
A nice collection of pictures for "... the Other HNT" this week. It's NSFW, as usual, but tamer than in the past. For the most part.
Click here to get to the Contest. The winner will receive a $50 iTunes gift certificate! The contest ends next Tuesday night at midnight, and the winner will be announced (along with the answers) with next Thursday's HNT. It's admittedly difficult, but give it a shot!

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