Monday, March 19, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

Spring is trying really hard around here, but alternating the 60-70° days with two to three days of winter weather advisories makes it tough. There's hope on the horizon though!
My Griz, who had a very good season this year in basketball, didn't fare as well at March Madness. In fact, they had the worst loss of all the Thursday games. The upside? I don't have to fake having any sort of interest in the rest of the tournament! I did, however, see my FB blow up that afternoon lamenting the fact that Syracuse was going to bust a lot of brackets based on what was happening to them. So I had to watch the end of that game. I don't know what the refs were smoking, or what game they were watching, but damn...
This is symphony week, and it hardly feels like it. This concert will probably be my favorite one of the season. All Russian composers--I do love me the Russians. But production-wise, it's a piece of cake. Or at least feels like it. Nowhere near the amount of work as the May concert has already taken, or the summer concert. Sort of my last relaxing concert for awhile, I guess.

We did have rehearsal all day Saturday, so no St. Patrick's Day celebrating for me. I'm a bit disappointed about that, but it's probably for the best. My wild ways have passed me by, I'm afraid. The good part--no hangover!
Speaking of the summer concert, things are flowing smoothly so far. For as behind as I was stepping into it, all the contacts have been made, and everyone's on the same page. So far. Here's to hoping that continues!
An announcement... After six full years, it's time for OHNT to end. I kept it going primarily to gently wean the truly exhibitionist among you who weren't ready for HNT to end. But, similar to the reasons HNT was retired, the participation was down, depending far too much on a small handful of participants. The first OHNT post went up on April 6, 2006, and the last one will go up on April 5, 2012. That leaves three more opportunities to join in, if you're interested! I'm sure I'll wax poetic later on, but I figured you should know now.
My Pomplamoose offering this week is a cover of Michael Jackson's "Beat It". It's a little different, but still pretty good. Enjoy!


KittyCat said...

That is so sad. I will miss it. So now where am I supposed to show off naked photos of myself.
:) any ideas?

Ps so happy spring is here.


viemoira said...

Very cool video! :)