Friday, March 23, 2012

Because I'm lazy, and I figure you guys need a laugh at my expense...a repost from Sept., 2007. Enjoy!

Well, I have to apologize... These aren't the dorky pictures I was planning on using. Believe me, there's plenty to be had! My plan was to find the right pictures, scan this afternoon, and sit back and bask in my dorkiness.
Instead, I spent it looking for scanning software, or something that I could do to scan... Not sure what's wrong, but I spent all my time doing that, rather than gathering the "good" dorkiness.

Above you can see me in the 5th grade, complete with the Nehru shirt (I had like 5 of them) and the handmade Indian beads, made in Japan. My fashion consultants? Davy, Mick, Mike and Peter. The Monkees, of course! And probably the height of dorkiness for these purposes--the all-boy choir in 8th grade. White turtlenecks, blue vests and black pants. Can you imagine how many of us got beat up?

Over here in the purple (paisley, at that!) is the 8th grade picture. Braces. The "smile" to try to hide them. Not sure what was going on with the hair, but it's the same hair that everyone had. And the nose had not yet been broken...

Finally, not so much dorky, but it's the look I had for my last three years of high school. Puberty must have hit, because it's only 18 months after the purple picture. Perfectly coiffed hair, braces were gone, a bit of a tan, and dammit, I was somewhat skinny!

As mentioned above, it's not as dorky as I had intended, but I don't doubt for a minute that you guys will make up for it for me! Looking forward to all that you've got!


V said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing. I can still very much see the "you" of today in that 5th grade picture. :)

Cheeky Minx said...

Ohhh, you haven't change a bit... ;P

MinorityReport said...

aw. :)