Monday, March 05, 2012

Gotta Work On Posting More...
(third time's a charm?)

I've mentioned in the past that I listen to Rush Limbaugh on my way to work, simply for the laughs to start out the day ( in laughing at the absurdity). But after last week's tirade, and subsequent continued attacks, I think he might have bitten off more than he thought. Will he be forced off the air? I doubt it. There's too many fanatics out there who agree with him, or are spineless enough to buy into his way of thinking. Me? I don't need the laughs anymore. I've got a zillion CDs I can listen to that have been ignored for a long time. Thanks, Rush, for getting me back to the music!
Speaking of getting back to the music... I have been a big fan of Chicago since the first time I heard their music in the early 70s. As all good band geeks were. Chicago of the 70s was unparalleled. Chicago of the 80s sold out and almost disappeared, thanks to the techno-pop of the time. I remember one video of theirs where the horn players were all playing keyboards! WTF??? Fortunately they pulled their heads out and got back to being a horn band. So what's this part of the post about? I went back to listening to some of their later music that I had sort of ignored, and have found some new favorites! Horn lines that were far more intricate than I had remembered, and far more complex than their early stuff. Not much of it commercially successful, but then again, their best stuff never was!
The spring weather I've been yearning for showed up this weekend! It was in the 60s, the sun was out early, there were no clouds--wonderful weather for early March in MT! Of course, I look out this morning, and we got snow overnight and it's going to be chilly. But the weekend is supposed to be as nice as last weekend, and Daylight Savings Time goes into effect on Sunday! By golly, spring might just be right around the corner!
Speaking of weather--I haven't heard any horror stories from any friends who had to deal with the tornadoes of last week. A couple of somewhat near misses, but no tragedies. Whew.
March Madness is about to hit in full swing. Yet another major sporting event I'll blissfully ignore (unless my Griz happen to surprise a few people, but I'm not expecting it...).
Here's your weekly dose of Pomplamoose. Be sure to watch Granny dancing towards the end!

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Dave P said...

Meant to forward this to you earlier. Figure someone with a musical appreciation such as yourself might find this interesting.