Thursday, November 17, 2011


Let us consider the life of a ROCKSTAR. From the very beginning. From the first time our ROCKSTAR pokes its toes into the water of life. It's a shy creature. Insecure. Not knowing that soon it will, indeed, become a ROCKSTAR. The ROCKSTAR makes some friends early on, with similar insecurities, but all developing their skills. No one really knowing how they're going to turn out. But as all creatures do, these ROCKSTARs show incredible growth spurts. As time goes on, and the ROCKSTAR becomes more self-assured, there's some rebellion, but the ROCKSTAR finally hits the big time!

At this time the ROCKSTAR is now making friends with all sorts of other ROCKSTARs, many of whom had never been heard from before. All of a sudden, there's lots of ROCKSTARs! Of course, not everyone likes what the ROCKSTARs are doing, so they critique and ridicule, and basically act badly. Fortunately for all, the ROCKSTAR lets it all slide, as it's just words and part of the game. The whole "any press is good press" thought. And after all, much of the press is quite good.

By now, our ROCKSTAR is at the top of their game. The ROCKSTAR has matured into a solid cultural phenomenon, and not just a passing fancy. Various ROCKSTAR copycats and wannabes pop up. While a couple of them have a decent shelf life, none of them can really compare to the life of our ROCKSTAR. The ROCKSTAR lines up some tours, and there's some collaborations with other ROCKSTARs. The ROCKSTAR is getting invitations to appear all over. Life is going well, but not without mid-life crises. The ROCKSTAR realizes that, in spite of its popularity, it's not necessarily the greatest ROCKSTAR around. There are others that can, and regularly, outperform the ROCKSTAR. But they take it in stride. For as many groupies our ROCKSTAR has, they are groupies themselves. There's an inherent appreciation amongst all for each other's work.

As the ROCKSTAR gets older, they continue to produce, but notice that many friends have departed. Many have gotten out of it. Many have gone on to other things. And some have even died. The ROCKSTAR, however, continues to be popular to continuing new generations. And while other ROCKSTARs have come and gone, ours is still plugging along, and enjoying life to the fullest.

But at some point, our ROCKSTAR decides that it's time to hang things up and call it quits. While they're still somewhat popular. Retirement will give the ROCKSTAR time to reflect, to start new projects, and to bask in the glow of a life lived well. No reunions or special appearances. The ROCKSTAR is done.

An odd story for HNT? Perhaps. But now go back and plug in the letters 'H-N-T' for the word ROCKSTAR. If you haven't figured it out before this point--HNT is going into retirement. Permanently. This is a decision that I haven't taken lightly. In fact, it was about nine months ago when I first thought about announcing it on the 6th anniversary. You can read my thoughts about it on that particular post. Frankly, I think I knew back in May that even if we kept going, there would be no HNT in 2012. There's just no compelling reason to keep it going.

The official last HNT will be the last Thursday of 2011, on December 29th. That gives you six weeks to work on those last few ideas that you might have swimming around in your heads. We will still have the Christmas themes (see below), but on the 29th, that's your last shot for HNT. It's official. I won't be changing my mind. But you can pretty much guarantee that I'll be waxing poetic about some things during that time! Announce it on your own sites if you like. Lord knows there are plenty of people who don't check in here anymore, yet still post HNTs.

I prefer to think of this as a celebration. A retirement. On to bigger and better things. Osbasso isn't going anywhere! And to each of you ROCKSTARS, congrats!!

And GO GRIZ!!!

"Up with Montana, boys, down with the foe,
Good ol' Grizzlies out for a victory;
We'll shoot our backs 'round the foeman's line;
Hot time is coming now, oh, brother mine.
Up with Montana, boys, down with the foe,
Good old Grizzlies triumph today;
And the squeal of the pig will float on the air;
From the tummy of the Grizzly Bear."

Not that this week's Mystery Guest is that much of a mystery, but come back Thursday afternoon to be sure!


Of course, this week's MG is the lovely Gucci! The lyrics above are to the Grizzly fight song. Something I'm sure she'll be hearing over and over on Saturday as the Griz crush the Cats!

Lots of nekkidness over at "...the Other HNT", some of it quite NSFW. Be sure that if you stop by, you leave some comments, OK?

Ashly Star is still taking donations for U.S. Marine Corps Reserve's Toys for Tots program. You've read in my previous posts all about this. If you haven't clicked on the button here or the link to help her out, then you should do it now!

A different sort of pimping here... Some of you will remember Evalee from the old days. Since quitting HNT, she's gotten herself hitched, had a baby, and is enjoying the "quiet" life in the plains of Alberta. She and her husband decided to try for a sibling for their baby Maggie, which failed at week 16. Several months later, as it was difficult to get pregnant, she found out that she has Premature Ovarian Failure at the age of 31. Basically, her plumbing is on the fritz. After weeks of options and discussions, they have decided to try in vitro fertilization. Unfortunately, Canadian health care will pay for this option, so they are in the process of of raising money. A friend of theirs raised some money by putting their plea out on a website, so they figured they should give it a shot.

Their website is "When the Second Time Is Harder Than the First", and you can read about their plight and progress here. Time is running out due to her condition, so please at least check out the site and decide if you can/want to help. I haven't heard if the top donor gets naming rights for their child, but I sort of doubt it. If you want to help, there's a button on their site to make it easy too. It's that time of year when we should be helping others. Can you help here?
Theme Alert! - As mentioned above, we'll still do the Christmas themes next month as follows:
  • Dec. 15th - Christmas Tree HNT
  • Dec. 22nd - Three Christmas Wishes HNT
  • Dec. 29th - Final HNT
I'll post details by next week, or you can check out the archives to see what we've done in the past! GO GRIZ!


Daisygirl said...

That is my favorite Rockstar! Happy HNT babe! and I love the MG!

I am up!

Osbasso said...

Cheeky Minx is up and looking stunning this week. Be sure not to miss her!

Gucci Mama said...


I'm up.

You're in trouble come Saturday. We both know it.

V said...

We’re up! Six more, huh....we'll have to put our thinking caps on to make each one a good one. It will be bittersweet....

Elle said...

I like your story. You ARE quite the rockstar, Os!

I'm up, with some pictures from my old blog. Yeah, guess I was lazy tonight :P

the late phoenix said... a swamp

Anonymous said...

Oh this newbie to hnt is so sad! I'm up and hoping there is someone who will change your mind.
*major sad pouty face*

KaziGrrl said...

Wow... just as I'm coming into my own, major memes are starting to shut down. Sadness... but I have to say, you've been running a class show here, no regrets! Thank you for your support and your vision!

I am up, as I plan to be each of the next few weeks...

Anonymous said...

I'm up... Love the mystery guest!!

JM said...

Everything that has a beginning, has an end (appropriate don't you think, since the title of my blog is also from "The Matrix"?

It's been a blast, here's to going out with bang!

I'm UP

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss the creativity you've inspired with HNT.

My post is up.

Inferno said...

Very good analogy. I only recently started posting, but have been following many regular hnt players for a long time. Bummer to see it go, but all things do end.
Mine is up.

boneman said...

Well, dang.
Ain't that something?
Here you are trying to put HNT to retirement, and I am trying to pull Liberty OUT of retirement.

I never was good at it.
But, I'm "up" anyway...


boneman said...

ps...maybe Evalee should look up the name Rick Simpson on the google before it disappears.
He might have a way cheaper fix...

heelsnstocking said...

Wow did not expect that news this morning!

I better make the next 6 count!!

I'm up x

Pocket RockettZ said...

I love that stuff. It makes me shake if I drink two of them fast though.
It saddens me that you will be shutting down, but after running it for so long I can't blame you.

I am UP with a love glove, and wanting to know what everyone else calls these things.

Anonymous said...

We are up at Married In Ohio with nostalgic look back at HNT.

Molly said...

Wow that is a big decision.... but a brave one too. I admire that. I have only really just joined HNT but I have had fun doing it. I LOVE my photography and I love encourages others to play around and have fun with their camera's which was why I created Sinful Sunday....

If anyone is looking for a place to share their pictures and they have an erotic quality about them then please do check out my Sinful Sunday page which you can find in the tabs at the top of my blog.... in the meantime.... I am up with my fingers crossed but...


Cheeky Minx said...

Even though I thought this may be coming, I'm still a little sad. I guess I'll just have to get my kit off and snap some pics to put the smile back on my face.

And the ones before me are right: you are a star. And your MG very delish...

Mollena said...

Go out at the top of your game :-D

Here I go for this HNT with a full nekkid monty for my head!

Anonymous said...

This is only my second HNT. Just getting into this kinda thing, so sorry to see it'll soon be no more. But I guess the reasonings sound enough.

Miranda said...

We're up!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You'd make a bangin' rockstar, sweetie

Sexy Smile said...

Bummer, guess I was just too late to the HNT party. It seems like you've created a community of wonderful people - that's a great rockstar legacy!

I'm up.

Mr. Smith said...

Sorry to here that - but all good things pass.

Were up - late but up

Cougar in Training said...

Sad that HNT will be coming to an end...but I have a feeling some people will keep posting and will carry on the tradition.

padme amidala said...

Hi Os,
Happy HNT! We are up! Come check it out!


Jack and Jill said...

Though we're sad to hear of OHNT's retirement, we will keep the meme alive by posting on our own site. We're very glad we had the chance to post every week last year.

We're up at

M said...

Even though HNT is going into retirement... I am positive it will live on forever in our hearts and minds and many bloggers will visit each other regardless... I know I will.

I'm up

Anonymous said...

Well obviously I'm sorry to hear that HNT is ending, but wow, what a lot of fun it's been. So rather than being miserable, I thank you for providing such a great source of pleasure. And before I forget, HHNT from me. Sev

Anonymous said...

:( I am sorry that is going to end but I am new at this so I don't know the history behind this. I am going to read your post. After I post this comment.
Can you believe I never tried Rockstar. Love your picture.

love the MG. :)

oh I am here.


Anonymous said...

You will always be an amazing rock star!!!

No one Special said...

Hnt will always live on in our hearts and minds. It was a great run and ended in a positive light.
But I hope you will post more often even though you dont have HNT anymore.