Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It Ain't October No More!

It's twelve hours into November in my neck of the woods, and it's already obvious it ain't October! It's like there's an entire shift in the cosmos once November hits. It might have been in the mid-50s yesterday, and the leaves were being blown all over. But today? We won't see 40, and other than the stubborn trees, all the leaves have fallen. It seems darker today. The sun is coming up really late, and setting really, really early. It doesn't help that the town sits on the north face of hills and mountains, so the low sun puts us in shadows even earlier.

But November brings things that we've been waiting for. Playoff football starts in November. As you can see in the sidebar, my teams are doing pretty well, and will all see post-season action. The Grizzly/Bobcat game is coming up in a few weeks, and that's almost more important than the playoffs! Expect some hype on this, as Gucci and I have another bet riding on the outcome of this game. And trust me, you'll want the Griz to win this year! On the symphony front, it's a slow month, preparing for the craziness of December. Throw in Thanksgiving and Black Friday nonsense, and November turns out OK.

Of course, mid-November is when my dad died last year. I don't know what to expect when the one-year mark comes up. I'm sure I'll be fine, but I don't know what to expect from my mom or sisters. We'll see...

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Anonymous said...

The year mark for a major event for me is coming too.. Not sure how I'll handle it either. Have a great novemeber, end of October here was cold then hot now cold again lol