Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Weekend, and other things...

"Mom called.
Dad died.
Back in a bit..."
I posted that one year ago this morning. 7:30 AM, as I remember. That's how I let you guys know that Dad died unexpectedly. A full year has passed. In some ways, it seems like so long ago. In others, just last week. But I'm OK. As a family, we're not going to do anything special today. I'll check to see if Mom wants to go visit the cemetery later today, though I think she'd rather go alone. S1 is out of state. S3 and family will be out of town for the state championship football game. Life goes on. And that's a good thing.
Speaking of football, the big weekend is here!! Tonight will be the aforementioned football game, pitting #2 Helena Capital against #1 Billings West. My nephew (a sophomore) will be dressed out for it, and will get in the game as the kick holder. GO BRUINS!

Carroll College starts the playoff run to defend their national championship on Saturday, opening against Valley City State (N.D.). It's supposed to be colder than hell, but it's going to be televised, so you know where I'll be! GO SAINTS!

And the really big game, the 111th "Brawl of the Wild". The #7-ranked University of Montana vs. #1 Montana State University. The Grizzly/Bobcat game. At stake is the Big Sky Conference Championship, and a probable top-five seed in the playoffs. Both teams will make the playoffs, but their position within the brackets is all dependent upon the outcome. Also at stake are the statewide bragging rights, which are HUGE here. And perhaps most importantly at stake will be the bet between myself and Gucci. Please trust me on this on this and send your best vibes to the Griz. You really want Gucci to lose!!
As anticipated, it seems as though some people didn't bother to read my HNT yesterday and have no idea that its days are numbered. And another large bunch who didn't 'up' themselves and missed it. So if you know of anyone who needs to know (particularly any part-timers), let them know. In fact, you might try to talk some of them into jumping back in for these last six weeks and send this thing out with a bang! Something I didn't post yesterday is that I'm working on a big project as a final send-off. I think you'll like it!
Also didn't mention that I went out Friday night. I never go out anymore, and I had three different invites! I opted to go to the birthday party of one of my HS friends. She turned 55 on 11/11/11. That was pretty cool, but then it dawned on me again that MY next birthday will be my 55th. Geez!
If you haven't done so already, jump down to my HNT and check out the stuff about Toys For Tots and about Evalee's plea. Do something good for yourself and help out if you can!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

11.11.11 that kinda freaked me out.

Cheeky Minx said...

55? You don't look a day over... 48ish. ;P

I adore that shot of your Dad. x

TUG said...

One thing about HNT that I think has been missed is how many HNTers have become friends outside of the digital world. You should be proud of all the genuine friendships you have created that will last long after HNT is gone. Not a bad legacy.

Even though you didn't raise a family of your own, you certainly have created, mentored and nurtured the HNT family that never would have existed without you. And now you're kicking us out of the house!!!

Gucci Mama said...

I think your dad would have wanted me to win. ;-)

Love you.

Elle said...

A year eh? Sounds like you and yours are holding up. Time does its work... But still, here's a virtual hug: *hug* :D

MinorityReport said...

::hugs:: for you today.

viemoira said...

thinking of you though a day late...

I am learning that time does go by far too quickly.


Gucci Mama said...

Okay, take this horrible background away now! God!

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of your dad. It's a great. Hope you are still doing ok. Losing a parent is so hard no matter how old you are. :( *hugs*