Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 6th HNT!!!

May 19th, 2005. A day that will go down in internet lore. Well, maybe not. It was on that day that a very small group of us (6, to be exact) agreed to show off a little part of our bodies, and declared that Half-Nekkid Thursdays had begun. Of course, I figured it would die within a month. Little did I know that friends of friends of friends of friends would take the ball and run with it! And now, here we are. Six years and thousands of participants later.

About 3 months ago, I started to question whether or not HNT had run its course. I fully anticipated that, with this post, I was going to announce that I was pulling the plug on HNT. I even had a phase-out plan in mind. But to be sure I was making the right decision, I emailed a handful of friends who were current HNTers, part-time HNTers, or retired HNTers. I laid out the reasons why it should end, as well as reasons why it shouldn't. I asked for advice.

Well, the responses came back pretty much the way I figured they would. Current and part-time HNTers didn't want to see it go, while the retired ones thought it wasn't a bad idea. In other words, not a great deal of help. But they all, almost to the person, mentioned that HNT wasn't what it used to be. Primarily, it's become very clique-ish, and the sense of community was gone.

And I think that's what's been weighing on my mind. They're absolutely right. I thought so myself, but I wanted validation. And I got it. There's lots of reasons for it. I still blame Facebook and Twitter. People are moving away from blogging for those two platforms. New people come to HNT, and they don't quite know where/how to "fit in". Comments are down universally, and so the friendly community of HNTers has shrunk.

That's another thing about HNT that has suffered--the comments. And not in a comment whore way. People aren't leaving comments anymore. With the exception of a small handful of fortunate HNTers, the rest of us aren't anywhere near the numbers that we were even 6 months ago. And I'm not sure why. Of course, there's many HNTers who will come and "up" themselves each week, but not leave any indication that they've visited anyone else. There used to be a time when it was almost a competition to see who could leave the most comments each week (Vixen almost always would win that!).

Up until this past weekend, I was all ready to close up shop. Then I found out about Mel. Not that it caused an earth-shattering revelation, but I realized how important HNT has become. Not from a sexy picture aspect, but because there IS still a community out here. People crawled out of the woodwork upon reading the news. And lots of thoughts about what we were in the old days, and what we are now, and how things have changed, and how they haven't--all have been swirling in my head.

So I'm taking a different approach tonight. It's a celebration! HNT will continue on. Will it reach its 7th anniversary? Who knows? It shouldn't have reached its first! But I'd like to see things change some, starting with my own surfing behavior. I'm going to be better about my own commenting on other's sites. I'm going to visit sites I haven't been to very often. I want to get that sense of something "special" back. HNT has never been about whose picture is the most risqué, or most professional looking, or even about photography at all. It's been a place for us to gather each week. Some on Wednesday nights. Others on Thursday. But it's a chance to check in on each other, even if it's just a once-a-week thing (check with my siblings--they don't even get that much from me!). And we'll see how it goes.

As with all good celebrations, you have to have cake. Since that's sort of on my permanently-given-up-for-Lent list, I opted for the smaller versions. One is for HNT, one is for a particular HNTer who just celebrated her birthday, and one is for each of you, as you're all a part of this big, wonderful thing! Happy 6th Birthday to all of us!

"For those searching for something more than just the norm. We lay it all down, including what others call sanity, for just a few moments on waves larger than life. We do this because we know there is still something greater than all of us. Something that inspires us spiritually. We start going down hill when we stop taking risks."
-Laird Hamilton (big wave surfer)

This week's Mystery Guest is one of those who's been around since almost the very beginning. It's no wonder that she also has the most MG appearances here. Always ready to help me in a pinch, too! If you're not sure who she is, be sure to stop by Thursday afternoon to find out!
Of course, this is my very good friend--the geeky, pretty, newly-converted surfer girl Shizzle. I couldn't have asked for a better MG for this anniversary celebration!

Oh, the response to "...the Other HNT" this week has been great! A lot of former HNTers have come out of retirement, as it were, to send something in to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of HNT. Lots and lots to look at over there this week! Some tame, some definitely NSFW. Stop by and leave some comment lovin' over there!
Speaking of Melanie's post, her fiancé left a comment today that you'll want to check out too.
I'm treading into new territory in the morning. I have finally decided to replace the LCD screen on my laptop. As documented here on numerous occasions, the thing has been slowly slipping away into a dark and lonely place. To the point that almost half the screen is unviewable. I found a decent deal on a new LCD, and tomorrow I'm taking screwdriver to Powerbook. This can only end in one of two ways. I'm hoping for the good way...
My niece (N2) graduated from Montana State 10 days ago, and promptly jumped on a plane to spend a month in Europe with her boyfriend. He's living in Amsterdam at the moment. They're supposed to be in London tomorrow, then heading to Paris. At some point they have to decide on Rome or Seville, I believe. If any of you run into them, be nice and say hi! (I don't recall doing anything like that when I graduated...)


Libidinous Man said...

Another week, another HNT, click here to see our special anniversary HNT. Thanks to O for all his hard work.

Mit©helangelo said...

Happy anniversary to all... I am up... Check it out ;)

Elle said...

Oh gee. I've been out of the loop for the last couple months and look what I come back to... I've finally decided to start a new blog, after kinkunleashed went down for good. Tonight, it's my first HNT on my new blog, so I guess the timing is quite fitting. It's still under construction, but here I am!

As for HNT, I think it's not just about the cliques and who'll get how many comments. It's exposing ourselves. Maybe just a little bit at a time, but if feels risqué and it's a great self-esteem builder. I'm tired and it's late, so I don't feel my words are really doing justice to what I think, but I hope you get my drift :)

In any case, I'm glad to see you, Os, and I'm glad HNT will go on.


Chapter Two said...

I am guilty as charged. If people do not "up" themselves before midnight my time on Wednesday I can't seem to make it to their posts anymore.....OR if they don't "up" themselves at all, I no longer have the time to search them out.

HNT has provided such an outlet for me alone- and I imagine others, and it is sad that the feedback and togetherness has disappeared (some)

I'm Up.

Emmy said...

Happy anniversary! I'm up celebrating in a different way :)

Daisygirl said...

Ah O I loved this post. I am so happy you have decided to keep it because I love it and love the community!

Happy 6th babe!

I am up...double trouble style!

Anonymous said...

Your right Os, HNT was about community, a way to feel connected to internet friends, a day you all got together to have a little fun, check up on each other and support one another. You created something pretty darn special here. I loved the time I was a part of the weekly celebration :) Happy Anniversary and Hi to my old bloggy friends, I still check in on you guys sometimes!

Mr. Smith said...

Happy Anniversey! I agree - We REALLY enjoy HNT and Raven and I can do better supporting everyone who plays!! Thanks for keeping it going for so long.

SapioSlut said...

I'm up and chained up outdoors...

Happy 6th HNT!!

Vixen said...

I'm glad you decided to keep HNT going a bit longer.... I've participated for five years now and would really really miss it. Even as much as it's changed over the years. :)

So happy anniversary!

I'm up!


Anonymous said...

So thankful that you are keeping this going... I'm new to this blog business but love it and love that there's a community for me to share my "secret" life with.
Happy 6th here's to many more!
My next goal is to be a hot MG .... I have some crazy steamy competition... ;)
I'm up and todays hnt is two for the price of one!

JM said...

Having only "discovered" the HNT community a short time ago, I embraced it totally to begin with, but I too have become guilty of only commenting on the minority at times, rather than making the effort to visit EVERYONE who takes the time to post a small part of themselves each week. For me this is what makes HNT special, and as you say, its not neccessarily about how much flesh is on show, but how the poster reveals a part of themselves.

having said that, I'm UP revealing a more submissive side of myself.

Congrats on 6 years of sharing!

Gucci Mama said...

Hopefully I'll be able to form a coherent thought after saying this: I LOVE the MG! What a perfectly delightful photograph.

Now then.

I have been guilty of the not commenting thing and that's mainly because of time. I do try to stop by and see everyone's posts, but the commenting thing has fallen by the wayside for me, not just with hnt, but with blogs in general. I'm trying to be better about that.

I'm still pretty new, but I love doing this every week and I love seeing the creativity and the artistry that everyone else is capable of. This has helped build my confidence, softened my own body image, and surely stroked my ego. But it has also brought me to some fabulous people that I probably wouldn't have gotten to know were it not for HNT. I love that. I love this. I love you guys.

I've had four damn vicodin so I love everything, but you know.

I'm glad you're keeping it going.

And I'm up!

eyas said...

New to posting HNT, though not at all new to viewing (if not commenting).

Congratulations on this anniversary.

KaziGrrl said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

and here's my latest entry...


Johanna said...

I'm glad you decided to keep it going... I just started a few weeks ago and am really enjoying it. There are many different communities in the blog world; I'll readily admit hnt isn't my primary one but it's definitely a chance to discover some new friends and favourites. We need those overlapping circles in order to not get closed in. Happy anniversary!

I'm up, with a hint of a shower.

Margaret said...

Like I said before, I still read you, but I don't comment like I used to. Happy 6th, hun!

Anonymous said...

As HNT celebrates its sixth anniversary, it amazing to think that it's older than Twitter and just a year younger than Facebook. Weather you suspend HNT or continue to keep it going, the spirit and sense of community that is HNT will continue to love on.

Blogger cooperated this week so we can actually announce that we are up at Married in Ohio.

Jack said...

Happy 6th, I thought it was time that I joined up and shared in the fun. I'm up.

Anonymous said...

Only the 6th - and I have missed 5.50 of those. Makes me feel quite young - anyway, I'm up

A Journal said...

Happy 6th and Congrats...Im with Clive on that...Newbie here too.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're continuing on, although I admit I would have understood had you decided not to. It's amazing the attention you give to your very cool idea week in and week out.

My best as always to you. I'm, as they say, up.

Cheeky Minx said...

Happy Anniversary! Six is such a lusciously curved number - it bodes well for the continuation, me thinks. ;)

As you know, HNT has been important to me in so many ways. And for that, and to everyone who supports me from the shadows or the light, I say a very big thank you.

And one more thank you - for the dizzying and perfect MG.

I'm up.

Joanna Cake said...

Happy Anniversary to a feature that has my eternal gratitude for helping me to lay many of the ghosts of my body issues xx

Anonymous said...

I am up.

Just been playing along for about 3 months, but that I did often click the little HNT buttons I saw on peoples sites and go through the links here.

I'm glad you are keeping it going for a while longer.
Happy anniversary.
Happy birthday to who ever just had one.
Happy HNT to all!

heelsnstocking said...

For me HNT gave/given me confidence and friends. The first photos I ever put on my blog were HNT images and only from the support and friendship from fellow HNTers that I continued to participate and blog for that matter.

You are the glue that keeps us together!

Happy HNT xxxx

Fred Bloggs said...

Happy Anniversary.
I am up. Watch the birdie!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Happy 6th Birthday, darlin'! Congratulations.

Keep going strong.

Molls said...

I, like a lot of people on here, would be really sad to see HNT go away.

I used to check on Thursday night and see everyone's pics but I've gotten out of the habit. I clearly need to get back into it.

HyperSexualGirl said...

Happy HNT Anniversary! This calls for a Congressional proclamation or something.

And I'm up!

Mark Leslie said...

Happy 6th Anniversary, Os.

I started some time early in that first year, and have continued, every week since then, to post something HNT themed.

One thing I've always loved is the community and checking out what people were up to and connecting - that, always, was the fun part of it.

Through HNT, I've made many friends, and connected with people outside the weekly ritual, and our friendships continue to this day.

For that I want to say thank you, my friend. I wouldn't have known Melanie otherwise and there are many other friends I've connected with through you and HNT whom I wouldn't have the pleasure of knowing.

Yes, I've fallen out of the habit of going visiting every week, but not out of HNT itself, nor out of the friendships that have evolved because of it.

You've also given me a fun creative outlet and excuse. Even if I do no other blog post in a given week, I always do an HNT. I recently "re-booted" one of my old storyline HNT posts - the silly Darth Tater serial story which I started when I spotted a neat noir story told in a single week (via Lecram's blog, one of the original HNTers I believe), and in a way, it's a nostalgic walk down HNT for me.

But again, Happy Anniversary, Happy HNT and thanks for doing the HNT thing. Who knew it'd still be going? But I love seeing that it's still offering a fascinating community.

Maggie said...

Happy Anniversary! I call dibs on some of the cakey part, I don't like frosting. :)

I'm up!

viemoira said...

I'm so a part of the problem. I always say I am going to view and comment on other's HNT pics but then I browse them and get shy and only comment here and there on blogs I know. I'm going to make effort to be more active in the HNT community. Happy anniversary! I think I'm going on year 3.

MG is lovely- nice, um, pineapple! ;)

I'm up with a new blog address- the Cavern is now on wordpress!

viemoira said...

And I do not know my own blog address- corrected: :/

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT 6th anniversary!

I haven't been participating for a year yet, but as a result of HNT, I've made some great friends, some of whom I've been able to meet in person and others I hope to meet in person one of these days. (Go ahead, razz me about the pool party again.)

Did someone say red velvet cake? Yea, I'll have a slice.

mina said...

Happy 6 years HNT! I come and I go, but I still come around. I may not have the time to visit people, but I make the time to visit those who visit me. I am up with more leather corset imagery.

Sugarmag said...

Happy HNT anniversary! I am on again off again to HNT but it's been fun and I very much enjoy the people here. I hear ya about facebook and twitter but blogging is different because my blog is anonymous, I write what I want. Facebook has my name attached and extended family members and coworkers are "friends."

Anyway I'm glad you decided to keep it going because I enjoy it very much. I have to go to work but I promise to make the rounds later today! Gorgeous mystery guest, as always!

Anonymous said...

happiest anniversary... here's to many more years and a fresh year of new fun.

BTExpress said...

Happy anniversary big guy! I started my blog just over 6 years ago and lurked the HNT's for a few months before joining in. I for one, would be sad if you decided to end HNT and you don't want me to be sad, do you?

I'm up with a confusing question about where I came from.

BTExpress said...

I know your very sexy and beautiful MG, but I'm not telling.

padme amidala said...

Happy Anniversary! We have been participating in the HNT for many years now and love it. :D

We have a new sexy schoolgirl picture this week for HNT! Check it out!

Happy HNT!

Autumn said...

This is me, commenting from my blueberry at work. Due to a sick youth at home, I am unable to comment from my computer. My post is up, has been since last night actually.

I love hnt. I love the open nature of people in this community and the way everyone supports one another. I've been pretty scarce for some time. Definitely one of the sneak attack commenters who doesn't take time to visit. I remember a time when I didn't want to do anything but view and comment on blogs! I love it still but have found real life getting in the way of my bloggy groove. Since my arrival to the hnt-ing community, I have felt so thankful for an opportunity to be a part of this. Really and truly, thanks Os for bringing us together this way.

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I would send more pics but time got away again. Thinking of you and hoping to make some rounds later tonight. MG is absolutely stunning.

loves autumn

Jim said...

Caught in the moment at

GrrlTragic said...

Honestly? The biggest reason I gave it up was because it lost its meaning, it got so that it was all about who could out "hardcore" each other. I loved what it was supposed to be and how it started, I remember joining back in 2006! But then it got so that regular HNT posts were equal to or more graphic than "the OTHER HNT" and OHNT became only the place where people sent images if they were just afraid to attach their names to them.. I miss the original HNT and its participants, I miss the support, the love, the community. Y'all were the best blogging circle I've been connected with, before or since HNT but for me, when HNT became all about hardcore genitalia -- it kinda died for me. I have nothing against genitalia, I love me some good pr0n, but it seemed to defy the whole point of what HNT was supposed to be and I felt like I no longer belonged.

I miss HNT, and all of you.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Osbasso,

Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!

Blondage said...

Happy Anniversary Os. :)

By the way, your comments on the hnt anonymous site are such a hoot! Well done my friend!!!!!!

Blondage said...

The mystery guest is such a goddess!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in and up this week!


Barbara said...

Happy Birthday HNT:) It was fun to be a part of it once again:)

MinorityReport said...

Happy 6th!

I'm up...late. :)

Cougar in Training said...

6 years... WOW! that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yey!! I got around to *everyone* this round!!!


lecram said...

Happy 6th, Os!

X. Dell said...

Many happy returns--emphasis on "happy."

No one Special said...

Happy 6th!!!
it seems like it was just yesterday when I participated. Maybe i need to start up again so that you don't leave us all stranded. :)