Sunday, May 15, 2011

1,000,000 Served!

Well, this was going to be a much more fun post, if I didn't have to post yesterday's.... (and please, go read that one if you haven't--it's far more important than this one)

It was mid-October, 2005, when my Sitemeter counter hit 50,000 visitors. It happened to be the lovely Addict, from Oregon. That resulted in my coming out on a surprise visit to meet her (well, I was in Portland for a Rolling Stones concert, but don't tell her that!). HNT was picking up steam, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. I vowed that I'd visit the 500,000th visitor, if I ever hit that mark.

Well, the 500K marked passed me by unexpectedly, and I had no way of finding out who it was. By that time, I no longer was obsessed with my stats as others seem to be. I don't care who visits. I don't have to worry about checking up on undesirables. I'm not trying to hide from anyone, and I don't care if people in town are visiting. I only check when I'm bored these days. Until today.

At 1:01:47AM on Sunday, May 15th, my counter hit 1,000,000. That's sort of amazing to me. Of course, it's not because I'm particularly interesting. I don't write life-changing posts. People aren't scrambling to find out what I've written from day to day. It's solely due to HNT. So it seems fitting that hitting the 1M mark happened during the final week of HNT's 6th year.

Thanks to all who have stopped by. Including whomever it was that visited from the Office of the Holy See. And the handful who have stopped by from the U.S.Senate Building. And the nice people who run porn sites from countries I've never heard of. You're all part of the million!

And who is the lucky one-millionth visitor...? I don't know. They're from Germany.

6 comments: said...


I'm 1/50 of the man you are.

Cheeky Minx said...

You've "served" a million visitors? You must be pooped! ;P

Congratulations... xx

Gucci Mama said...

Right on! You rock.

singedwingangel said...

Congrats that is a HUGE milestone.. Lord I don't even know how many visitors I have had

Anonymous said...

Time passes at warp speed on the internet. Even if you don't watch your stats much anymore, you've reach a significant milestone. How many blogs that were around when you got started are still around?

Anonymous said...

That is just too cool. You're a superstar! :)