Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Was up this morning to watch the sunrise, as is my yearly ritual on the summer solstice. Would be much more excited for it if I hadn't gone to be at around 1:30AM...
On a positive note, the weather gods apparently got the memo that it's now summer. Supposed to have all sorts of nice weather for awhile now! Temps in the mid-70s for the most part, and NO rain!
Mom has been in Vegas for the past few days. Haven't gotten the phone call saying she won a million bucks, so I'll assume she'll be home shortly.
Just picked up my music for the big summer concert. I seem to be way out of the loop this year. I'm hoping it's because things are running so automatically after all this time that I haven't needed to BE in the loop... For those interested, the theme of this summer's concert is "Harlem Renaissance". Lots of jazz, Ellington and Gershwin!
Bought the new Mission Mountain Wood Band CD last week. Not terribly interesting for many of you, but it's their first album since 1976, I believe. Great music! I've memorized the entire first album--now I can work on this one!
Today has been a good day so far. Got an email from an old friend. Got a toy in the mail (not one of those girlie-type toys--this is a geek toy!). Bought a roll of quarters for tonight's laundry duty. Life is good! Keeps getting better! Got an invite this afternoon from a former college gf for a dinner date in August!

Didn't mention the lilacs here. They bloomed with a fury over the first weekend of June (same weekend I got sunburned). All the rain we'd had in May really made for really huge blooms. And it wasn't just my observation. Everyone made note about how they'd never seen the lilac bushes so full. Of course, the heavy rain and winds during the next week stripped them bare, but for that weekend, I was in olfactory bliss!
Unless someone steps up at the last minute, I won't have a Mystery Guest for HNT this week. (hint, hint)
I think that catches me up!


Cheeky Minx said...

Oh, how I envy your lilacs and warmth and Summer Solstice. The sun is tucking itself away in the early afternoon here.

And the thought of the Harlem Renaissance had me smiling. Such musical perfection...

Anonymous said...

Completely forgot about the summer solstice, probably because we have been under a rain cloud for days.

Sounds like you've been busy xx

Moosekahl said...

Sunset on Solstice was at 12:40 ish AM!!! and Sunrise was at 2:40ish AM!! So stop complaining about the early!

Also, I care about the new MMWB CD> I can't make the concert. Nearly a $1000 to fly home. Can you burn me a copy please :)