Thursday, January 06, 2011

Can You Sense the Excitement? HNT

Ooh, look! A blog!

Haven't been overly gung-ho about being online a great deal in 2011 yet. Partly because I just got slammed with all sorts of symphony stuff. I've been spending my evenings in brain-sucking committee meetings running phone interviews for our choral directing position that's open. There's nothing worse than having someone interview who can't use the alloted 30 minute slot to ask questions, give decent answers, and show some indication that they're actually interested. Even more fun when English is not their main language (in some cases, not even their 2nd or 3rd...). So that's taken care of my nights this week.

Next week we have a concert that I wasn't aware of... Well, I was, but it's a concert that's usually in March. We play for all the local 4th/5th graders. So next week is shot to hell, with rehearsals, set-ups and a midday performance (sure, I'll take time off from my job that I'm getting my hours cut back on already...). But it's worth it (at least that's the official line...).

The hall we play at is a city-owned facility. It's the only decent-sized auditorium in town, so they get to make the rules. One of which: they book the auditorium three years in advance, on the first business day of the new year. And since they're really the only game in town, organizations line up at the door to be first to claim their dates. So I got the phone call on Sunday--would I be willing to show up early to grab a place in line? The woman who would actually be getting the dates is on the elderly side, and didn't want to stand in line in the dark and cold. Oh, sure, why not? What I didn't realize when I said that is that I needed to be in line by 6AM. Six o'fucking-clock. When the temperature would be a cozy 0°F. Though it did warm up to a balmy 5° by the time I left. At 8AM. Which is the time she showed up to relieve me. And still half an hour before the doors to the building would open.

So here I am, early in the cold morning, just before leaving. Note the puffy, light-sensitive eyes. The unshowered hair doing something funky (which was OK--I put on a cap immediately after this). Unfortunately, you can't see my breath in this particular picture. Trust was quite visible. I was at least smart enough to take along a canvas beer-drinking chair (sans beer), gloves, scarf and down comforter. She was smart enough to bring her own chair, but I offered her my comforter and told her I'd pick it up at the office later. "Oh, that's right. I'll see you at the staff meeting at 9..."

It should be noted that someone else snuck in a side door and beat us to being first in line...

Skittering Skattering

"Skittering skattering
I dash under the couch
Skittering skattering
I find my little house
Skittering skattering
I found a piece of cheese
Skittering skattering
It is a moldy piece of cheese
Skittering skattering
It is a yummy piece of cheese!
Who am I."

This one should be pretty easy to figure out, but come back on Thursday to find out who the Mystery Guest is!
When she shows her face, it's sorta hard not to know who she is, unless you're one of the really foolish ones who hasn't actually been to her site before! Of course, it's Chickie, from over at "Skittering Thoughts". Be sure to stop by, and if you've never been there before, go nose around in her archives. She's a keeper!

Go check out to see the first to join in on "...the Other HNT" in the new decade! There's a good selection of your fellow HNTers over there. Be sure to stop by and leave some comment lovin'! Of course...NSFW.


Libidinous Man said...

Happy New Near HNTers check out our first HNT of the new year here.

Vixen said...

Oh! You've had the balmy weather we've had! FUN TIMES....(not)

I'm up!


SapioSlut said...

I'm up and sparkly!

Happy HNT and HNY!

Gucci Mama said...

Love love love the MG! So pretty!

I'm up, with guests!

Anonymous said...

Oh babe. That sucks being out there that cold that early that long. Poor you!!! Hugs and kisses xoxoxo

I be up for the new year


Emmy said...

Taking one for the team by getting up early and sitting in the cold :)

MG is gorgeous!
I'm up!
Happy New Year to you! :)

Chapter Two said...

sneaking in the side door? evil! I would have raised such a skunk they would have pissed themselves!

anyway- MG- she is always beautiful with the best photog.

I am up- with a poorly taken pic I snuck at the gym (not appealing I know) but with a link to a very nekkid me- more so than ever before

Stealth said...

ay, you look cold OS. I thought it was cold here. I guess I don't know cold. Again, perfect time for another trip out. Just sayin'.

I know the MG I know who the MG is!!

YAY... Hey I have to go to Colorado next year. Wanna meet up?

MG IS beautiful, lovely photography...lovely everything.

HHNT I am up.

Anonymous said...

I'm up! And I'll be back to visit you all later... as per usual.
LGS xx

Osbasso said...

Jobthingy got tipsy on NYE and was armed with her new camera!

Sadie said...

5 degrees?? I can't even IMAGINE how cold that must feel!

I'm up.


Richard, Shhh... said...

Lovely MG, Sleepy Os! I've got a bunch of tats posted & some are shots you never saw before! Come, Peek! HHNNY!

Dana said...

You just look rip-roaring, ready to go ... back to bed!


I'm up! What do you think? Can I make it all 52 weeks of 2011??

Vixen said...

is up! Still on vacation but was able to hop on and post a pic!

Cheeky Minx said...

So, I'm guessing you probably wouldn't want to hear my temps have been around the low to mid 80s°F, right? Thought not... :P

Love the pic (I can almost feel the cold) and the gorgeous MG.

I'm up!

Semi-Celibate Man said...

Hi Os. You're a good man to stand in line in the cold for her!

Happy HNT. I'm up, with a post about my new journey, which is what it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm up, up and away, and loooking for company this week.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

The MG is gorgeous!!!

Daft Scots Lass is up too.

heelsnstocking said...

Loving the MG! Sat squinting at the screen, just woke up.

I'm up and letting you pull my panties down :)

HHNT sexy peeps x

Anonymous said...

Os, you have my sympathy. No one knows the acute misery of starting your day at 6am quite like I do. You are definitely a hero in my books!

Gorgeous MG! Soo beautiful.

LGS xx

JM said...

MG is stunning!

The temperature where you are! No thanks!!

I have sun burnt feet its been that hot here!

I'm up but its a bit half arsed!

Joanna Cake said...

For those of us who regularly have to stand out in the cold, I salute your preparations. There is no time for fashion when you're at the mercy of the elements :)

HHNT and I'm up wearing a little less than on a normal work day x

Janie said...

That doesn't sound like much fun! For the summer ball tickets go on sale at 9am but people queue from 4. I haven't done it before, but this year I suspect I will feel a bit how you look :P


Maggie said...

That's what I look like in the morning! I'll gladly take out the sneaker's knees for you, if you want.

I'm up.

viemoira said...

Oooo la la I *love* the MG pics!

I've gotta agree with Dana's comment above- it made me giggle (a much needed giggle on an extremely rough morning). That's just wrong that someone snuck in and got ahead of you!

And lastly- after seeing your cold HNT I'm feeling *really* guilty about my warm HNT- perhaps you need to come warm up by the fire? ;)

Hubman said...

That might be one of the easiest MGs to figure out ever!

I'm up, sorta, more like I'm loafing around on the couch...

Another Suburban Mom said...

I guess those are the days when you say, "at least I have a job" over and over under your breath.

The MG is lovely!

And I am up!

Lusting Lola said...

Didn't think I'd be able to, but I managed to get an HNT together this morning. I'm up with more jammies.

I'll be back to actually read this this post! :)

HyperSexualGirl said...

I like that picture a whole lot. You look like a mafia hitman.

I'm up!

Molls said...

I'm up!

BTExpress said...

You should retire like I did, so you can sit around all day in a warm house and do absolutely nothing, like I do. :-)

I'm up and I'm completely nekked. Nope, not a stitch.

Autumn said...

brrrr you look chilly in that picture Os! we haven't had much snow but are expecting some tomorrow. wow, you're in the midst of very busy times. you always do a great job!

ok, so your MG...i don't know who she is but she's very lovely. what a special treat in the click.

my post is up. i'm feeling ill and am going back to bed.

loves autumn

Daisygirl said...

I actually think your hair looks ...finger running through good...

busy busy man you! Happy HNT! Ya already know I am up!

Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

Check out mine: and (warning, the last one is quite a bit more than Half Nekkid, but there is still some definite obscurity!)

13messages said...

It took Blogger long enough to finally let me, but I'm up with my HNT.

Anonymous said...

You certainly did have a lot of highs and lows in 2010. Hopefully 2011 will bring you nothing but lovely everythings!

KittyCat said...

Im right there with you. Struggling a little.

REally like the B&W photo.
Pretty awesome.

SexySerendipity said...

I am up! Hope you like it!

gab said...

lol Im never close to the top of your comment list. aww well, Ive got your temps here right now we have a nice warm 16 above. I wish I could do the HNT but with grandkids running around all day I dont think they'd wanna see me nekked. And nope night wouldnt work either as two are living with us right now.
I like the mouse skittering poem. HAPPY HNT

Anonymous said...

I decided to join the fun today.

Happy HNT Everyone!

Mercy! The Mystery Guest click-through is absolutely beautiful!

MinorityReport said...

Ugh...not a fan of unplanned schedule changes. Sorry things are a bit hectic to start off the year.

I up (x2).


Happy said...

My first HNT! What fun!

Love those undies! :)

Master's Azra said...

I'm up! wow...two weeks in a row!

HHNT all

Chickie said...

oooo...I would have been so peeved to find out that some toad sneaked in the side door!

You look like you'd rather be anywhere but there. A balmy 5? Holy cow.

Ms Scarlett said...

If I had to be somewhere that early in the cold and dark, I'd have the very same look on my face.... no doubt about it.

GORGEOUS MG.... just lovely!!


His marie and Her Owner said...

That sucks. And i thought it was cold here; our weather is nothing!

Check out my "cold" picture.

Elle said...

Ohhh now I understand why you thought my pictures were so unfair :)

It's still a nice picture of you, puffy eyes and all.

MG's beautiful.

Thanks Vix for "upping" me :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You look dashing, Os, despite the early morning and cold.

Sorry about your hectic week.