Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots o' Random

So much to write, no time to write. It's cut into my surfing, too. Grrr... Of course, none of it's terribly earth-shattering...

I wasn't going to write anything about the shootings in Tuscon, but what passes as "journalism" is not good. And that's partially due to the media giving what the public "wants" (I don't recall ever wanting reality TV shows, but apparently I do).
Would interest in this shooting be as high if the Congressperson shot wasn't an attractive, young female?
Was it necessary to mention that her intern, who's credited with probably saving her life, is 'openly gay'? Does that mean his gayness saved her life, or that if he were straight she would have bounced up and helped others?
Would there be as much interest in the 9-year-old girl who was killed if she weren't born on 9/11? And what does that say about kids born on 9/10 or 9/12? Are they somehow not as important?
Our friends from the wacko church in Kansas (avoiding searches here...)says they're going to show up for funerals. Perhaps if the media quit acting like their PR agents, then they might fade away?
Dana has a good post today about people and their "worth". Go check it out.
Loving the Facebook statuses from the southerners and their snow. I realize it's a novelty in some parts, but geez! It's just snow! And snow days?? I don't think there's a district in the state that has such a thing. It's cute.

I have seen more snowman pics than ever. Have you noticed that the best snowman pics come from places that never get snow? Like it's a ritual they think they have to do? People up north don't build snowmen! They did it once as a kid, and that's good enough! It's lost its appeal up here. Though, honestly, the snow up here isn't conducive to making snowmen--too cold and too powdery.
On a weather related note, speaking of cold... It's been sub-zero here again for the past few days. But it's also been bright and sunny with no wind! I had to spend time outside working yesterday (and later this afternoon) in 4° weather. It was gorgeous! Of course, once the sun set behind the mountain, my opinion changed drastically! But for a few hours, it reminded me of why I love it here!
Watched the big football game last night. Really thought the Ducks would pull it out. Lord knows they had the chances to win. Though I suppose that if I needed to boast about our national champion, Tigers sound far more intimidating than Ducks! I was disappointed in how Brent Musburger had an obvious woody for Newton and Auburn all night. And his "all the Tostitos" line before the last kick? Really? Isn't there some sort of mandatory retirement clause we can invoke?
Just got an official notice from Facebook that I will be upgraded to the "new" FB profile in a few days. Should I be wary of the fact that it's taking them this long for me? Or should I rejoice in the fact that I don't have it yet?
What's up with all the birds dying in mid-air?
At what point did the rules of English spelling change? I grew up with the rule that if you adding "-ed" or "ing" to the end of a word that ended in a consonant, preceded by a vowel (not a diphthong) , you doubled the consonant.
For example: travel
Old days: travelled, travelling
New days: traveled, traveling

Another example: cancel
Old days: cancelled, cancelling
New days: canceled, canceling
Or did the nuns steer me wrong in the old days?


Gucci Mama said...

Sorry your nuns were big fat liars.

Dana said...

Gucci Mama is right - the nuns *did* lie to you:

Double the final consonant before adding an ending that begins with a vowel when the last syllable of the word is accented and that syllable ends in a single vowel followed by a single consonant.

In cancel and travel the first syllable is accented, thus no double consonant ... although your preference is the correct British spelling.

And thank you for the mention. I just couldn't get over the fact that 6 people were killed, 14 wounded, and I kept hearing the same four names over and over again.

MinorityReport said...

ack...grammar school flash backs.

I'm curious about the dead birds also.

Snowmen...in my life I think I've built 2 or 3. The first official (read: big) one I ever made (by myself) my beagle knocked over when he ate the carrot and Hershey kisses eyes/buttons. ::sigh:: I spent so much time on that.

Anonymous said...

As a weekly reader (and almost never commenter) I had to respond to your comment on the Tuscon attack. I live in Phoenix and work as a trauma nurse, so most of my attention has been on Ms. Gifford's medical course and recovery. I really think the attention would have been the same regardless of her appearance; I think the title "Member of Congress" gave the attention factor. I am sure that is why the President and our governor (who is a very consrvative Republican) both came out and called her a "personal friend".

I haven't read most of the national media, but your blog was the first I heard her intern was gay.

As for the nine year old, I think being nine was the only call to attention her story needed.

I am actually considering driving to Tuscon to join the planned "lining of the streets" to prevent the Kansas wackjobs from doing their protest. I realize they have a first amendment right to free speech, but I really don't think a funeral should be fair game for that type of protest.

Since I am writing such a long "lurker" comment, I add my vote to the "the Nuns misled you" vote.

Anonymous said...

Must be the Nun's that teach it that way...
I am the same. I would spell "travelling" as you!!

Daisygirl said...

oh I know understand you so much better because of the nun comment! haha!

viemoira said...

I'm glad I am not alone- had many of the same curiousities after seeing the news on Tuscon.

Spelling - I cannot do it anyway so I rely heavily on spellcheck. I blame it on being a genius and having no room left for common sense or petty things like proper spelling. Just go along?? ;)

Tried to make smowwomen here and could not- had to make "trash heaps" from fraggle rock.

I'm looking for you on facebook so expect an add request from me as my vanilla self :)

Maggie said...

You've had the option to switch to the new FB profile for a while, they're just forcing us now.