Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner and FB Junk

Dinner last night with No One Special (I'll just refer to her as NOS...) was wonderful last night. It's the third time we've actually met, which in a state this size is sort of silly. The first time was that awkward just-met phase, and I had to get back for a gig, so time was somewhat limited. The second time I surprised her at work, while on my way to the airport, so it was even less time and less conversation. This time though, we were able to have dinner, have some great conversation, and quite a few laughs. Montana politics, HNT, marijuana, photography, Crimson, blogging--just a few of the subjects touched upon.

NOS was here to address the Montana Legislature, regarding their attempts to overturn the medical marijuana law that the people voted for by initiative. I don't quite understand how the Legislature can do that, but it's happening. NOS has been using medicinal marijuana (after a great deal of research and hesitation) to help with her frequent migraines. Contrary to the bias of the wacko soccer moms (apologies to the normal ones out there), she's not an old hippie getting stoned every day on her MM card. Hell, she used to be in law enforcement! She had hoped that she could give testimony during a committee hearing. Alas, she ran face first into the political machine, and came away somewhat discouraged. It's a daunting, scary thing to step inside the halls of the Capitol. And there's a reason that lobbyists are well paid to do what they do.

Anyhoo...she did send me a link and urges any and all (particularly Montanans) to click a few keys and get their opinions noted:
  • Vote not to repeal Medical Marijuana:
  • Fill in name/address/etc.
  • Select the "committee" button
  • Select House Judiciary, Senate Judiciary, and Joint Subcommittee on Health and Human Services (three different committees--you'll have to do this three times)
  • Enter: HB 161
  • Click against.
  • Add a note as to why… or just state that you do not want it repealed.

The rest of this post is stuff I stole off of FB...

Ever wonder what happened to that kid that was on the cover of the Nirvana album? Click the picture and see! (safe for work)

Let me make it perfectly clear that I despise Oprah. She's the first of those who have found fame, without having any discernible talent. She opened the door for the Paris Hiltons, the Kardashians, and the plethora of hacks that keep the tabloids in business. I do not choose to celebrate her 25 years, or her decision to close down her show. Johnny Carson she ain't!

I've just been Oprahfied! Now it's your turn. Help The Oprah Winfrey Show celebrate its 25th and final season. Go to to get started.

I wish I had this woman's ability to talk. The stream of consciousness is wonderful! She's got a couple other Youtube videos, but this one's the one that caught my eye.


Anonymous said...

Haha.. you would make the best Oprah ever! Think how epic HNT would be.. wow.

Legislature about MM is ridiculous! I hope NOS finds a (legal) way around it.. but I guess that's not really realistic. I know a couple of people who get seriously bad migraines and it's really not fun.

Nice photograph though!

LGS xx

Leah said...

Just felt I had to mention that your friend NOS has the same top as me. I couldn't believe my eyes - her in the US, me in the UK. LOL - You got Cotton Traders there as well?????

No one Special said...

Thanks MAN your the best!!!!
There is still a glimmer of hope in spite of my pessimistic perception of life, liberty and legislator.

Summer said...

That video is awesome. I guess I should stop talking about how warm it is outside my apt. Love that she thinks kids going to school on MLK day is okay.

Anonymous said...

Not too sure about that shoulder pad look on you...

It still creeps me out a little bit every time this album cover pops up on my iPhone while listening to Pandora while I'm at work:

You're welcome for that :)