Friday, February 13, 2009

Doing my part to help...

I ran across this article titled "An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away". I'm happy that HNT is doing whatever it can to help men live longer lives!
Sort of a lazy VDay weekend. Found myself being domestic. Sort of a pre-spring-cleaning thing. I did, however, treat myself to a king crab leg/sirloin steak dinner. Why should couples be the only ones to do a fancy VDay dinner?? Washed down with chocolate milk and Boston cream pie. Damn, I do love myself!
Didn't mention over the past week or two that the symphony equipment truck died (once again...). The truck belongs to a gentleman whose furniture business has closed, it is parked at a construction company's lot (used for on-site storage when necessary), and we get free use of it as a donation. The short story--the symphony has finally authorized some repair money (maintenance is sort of a gray area here) to get the thing running semi-decently. Hopefully you won't hear me bitch about it anymore (but doubtful :-P ).
Spent some of my weekend watching AMC. They're running their Oscar-winning movies all month, so there's no real ringers in the line-up (other than "An Officer and a Gentleman"--what a piece of trash THAT is/was!). Watched the first two "Godfather" movies (great VDay fare!), "Casino", "Fiddler on the Roof", and "Caddyshack" last night. Sprinkle in "Star Wars I & II" on Spike, and I was a happy camper. In between bouts of domesticity, of course.
Surprisingly, my tulips are taking their sweet time in opening up.
Fourth anniversary of HNT is coming up soon. Trying to come up with something to at least match last year's celebration. Email me if you have any great ideas...

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