Sunday, September 21, 2008


On this first day of autumn, I offer bullets...
  • Put a dollar in the vending machine, made my selection, and got my dollar back! I love days like that!
  • Watched alot of football this weekend. My three main teams are all undefeated. Rah!
  • Haven't heard from her, but I'm guessing that Moose, her dad and the three neurotic cats have made it to Fairbanks.
  • Jessica is traveling too! She's in San Francisco, and will be moving up the coast on Monday. All these travelers!
  • "Knight Rider" starts this week on NBC. Who decided that this needed to be remade??
  • Got to sing a midnight rendition of "Happy Birthday" to one of my favorite (and dearly missed) bloggers Saturday night. Ended up keeping us both up too late!
  • I like the Sonic commercials on TV, but the nearest one is 300 miles away from me, so I've never been to one. Is it any good?
  • Trees seem to be turning this weekend. I had hoped to get into the mountains to get some pics, but it was too hazy to get anything that I wanted, so I didn't get out. :-(
Ummm... Not much else. Sort of a boring weekend. I hope to do better!

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