Sunday, September 07, 2008

Footballed out?

I refuse to allow myself to get fanatically excited about football, but it was a good weekend to stay in and watch games all weekend. Both local high schools won handily. Carroll College continue their winning ways, and are favored to win their 6th NAIA national championship this season (they hold the current longest college winning streak in the nation--any level). They also have some ridiculously insane record of winning 48 out of their last 50 games or something like that. My #5 Montana Grizzlies won their opening game of the season Saturday with an exciting win over #11 Cal-Poly SLO. My only team that lost were the MSU Bobcats, who went Kansas State and were blown out 69-10. Ah, the things some athletic programs will do for money...

Not terribly interested in the NFL, but I didn't shed a tear to hear that Tom Brady got hurt. I do have an interest in Miami this year, as their rookie kicker is a local boy and a former Montana Griz! Wasn't terribly upset to watch Indy get beat by Chicago either. But Seattle sucked it up big, dammit. But kudos to the Saints! We'll see how excited I get through the season.

While I was watching this weekend, three things kept playing in my mind:
"Isn't your sister lactose intolerant?"
"It's back!"

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