Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HNT Reminder and stuff

Don't forget!  The great HNT experiment is next Thursday (April 4th).  If you've missed what it's all about--we won't do HNT on our own sites, but send everything in to the OHNT site.  Email your pics to no later than next Wednesday afternoon.  We'll see if there's any interest in keeping HNT going every three months...

I know that not all of you follow me on FB, but I put my 2¢ there about the same-sex marriage debate and the blossoming of the red/pink equality image that everyone adopted as their profile pic.  I tried to write something profound, but ran into mental blocks. So I kept it short and sweet:
SCOTUS--Find that same-sex marriages are legal. They don't really hurt anyone/anything. But keep your nose out of decreeing that churches must allow them (that whole separation of church/state thing).
CHURCHES--If your denomination accepts such things, go marry a bunch of same-sex couples. If it doesn't, then don't. But keep your nose out of the others that do.
GOVERNMENT--Fix the government. Same-sex marriage should be low on anyone's radar. It should be a non-issue.
FB--I'll be happy when I don't have to be bombarded daily with gay-positive posts. It should be a non-issue.
PERSONAL--I'm not going to change my profile pic to the red equal sign. And I'm not ever going to join Twitter.

Easter is almost here!!! In spite of my delicate condition, I might have snuck in a Cadbury's egg or two over the past couple of weeks...

Speaking of Easter, it's a weird family situation this year. Normally, it's one of those "meet at Mom's for dinner" things that almost the entire family gathers for. This year though, no one's in town. S3 and her family are in San Diego (I think) for spring break, and I'm not even sure if N3 is with them. She might still have classes in Missoula. S2 will be here, but N1 has to work in Billings, and N2 is in Philly for some sort of training. S1 and her hubby are in Portland. So it's just me, Mom, and S2. We're going to go out for dinner. But it's so weird with just the three of us!

In case I don't make it back here (which is entirely probable), I hope you all have a Happy Easter!!!


Cande said...

Ahhh I knew I'd seen an HNT thingy! now I just have to remember to send something in! :D

Oh and I don't remember the last time I ate a Cadbury... I'm thinking 15 years ago or more.... probably more... Funny thing is that last time I was in Birmingham with Rob, I realized there is a Cadbury WORLD there!!! I didn't go.... and I now kick myself for not going.

duff said...

crikey! i wish i'd seen this earlier! missed hnt by thismuch. :~(