Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HNT n' Stuff

To start out...a reminder about HNT!  After hearing from some of you, I'm going to experiment with doing HNT once every three months.  BUT, rather than bothering with your individual blogs (many of which no longer exist), you'll send them in to me and I'll post them all on the OHNT site.  That seemed to work pretty well in Dec.  We'll see how that works.  SO...plan on April 4th as being the next time we try.  And spread the word!!  That gives you a couple of weeks to come up with something!

Lots of change happening--Pope Francis made his first appearance this afternoon.  I had the 'Chimney Cam' open on the side of my window at work, and happened to catch the first wisps of white smoke come out, so I was hooked to watch the coverage for the next 90 minutes.  We'll see what the future brings for the Church...

I am SO jacked about the daylight staying later!  The mornings aren't too dark, and there's plenty of light after dinner.  Add to the mix that the temps have been in the mid-60s this week (what?? in Montana in March?)  What's not to like?  Bring on Spring and Easter!!!

Symphony stuff is plodding along.  We have two more concerts left in the season.  It hardly seems like any work at all compared to the last couple of years.  Which isn't to say that the concerts won't be spectacular!  Just that I'm much less stressed about the production end of things.  Then I jump in with both feet working on the summer concert in July.  The feet have gotten wet already, but the real work starts towards the end of April.

Apparently, Facebook is in the midst of ramping up a new format that no one has requested.  And Google is getting rid of its Reader.  Why do these internet companies keep messing with things that aren't broken???

Where have all the people gone??


No one Special said...

im here.. but hardly anyone blogs anymore. If they do it's just here a little there a little. You know... like you.. O_O
People seem to like the instant short term gratification of facebook and twitter. No one really wants to read more than a screen full and maybe a little more if you add bullets.
Im not sure that the "younger" generation will be able to form a complete paragraph when they are adults since every thing they do is short, condensed and they have the attention span of a gnat.
it's sad..... :(

middle child said...

I'm here too! Actually in Orlando, Florida visiting out kids and grand kids. Right now I an trying to get all the tiny bits of sand out of my mouth. So....I LOVE to blog and if it ever goes away I will go back to journaling. I will just have to hide them better so my husband can't find them. But it's kind of like the tree in the forest thing, ya know?

Janeway said...

You know I'm here, Os.

What's with Google? Anyone know why they are getting rid of Reader? What are the alternatives?

Dana said...

*raises hand and wildly jumps up and down*


I am more than a little pissed off at the loss of Google Reader, and finding a dependable replacement has been a daunting task. Reader doesn't generate revenue.

And remember, if you're not paying for it, you're not the customer - you're the product being sold.

Cougar in Training said...

I don't know where everyone has gone. Blogging has taken a turn for the worse lately, from EVERYONE it seems. I know you don't tweet, but even that seems less interactive and less social lately. I don't know if its just this time of year, or what... But it kinda makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that the decline in blogging is the reason that Google decided to discontinue Reader. When they first started, it was a great way to increase their inventory (of people to sell to advertisers); but, nowadays, it's not nearly as popular. And, since "users" are product rather than customers, there is no reason to keep it going.