Sunday, October 03, 2010

Family, Football, Favorite, Found Out

Mom turned 75 on Friday. This meant all sorts of family time all weekend! Even S1 flew in from out of state for the festivities! We took her out to dinner at the fanciest place in town on Friday night. Had to be the fanciest. By big town standards, it was probably a normal, even cheap evening. Here? Not so much. But it was fun! We did opt out, however, from heading next door to the dive bar and do shots. Mom was tipsy enough from the wine! I'll hopefully get some of the pictures off of BIL3's camera soon...

Saturday was watching the nephew play football (freshman team), and then watching college football and grilling for the rest of the day/night. N2's boyfriend plays for Montana State, so there was some pretty heated debate about MSU and UofM. Can't wait for November!
I had something happen Friday night. One of those "OMG, now what do I do?" moments. After dinner, I drove my parents home, and met up with the younger folks for an after dinner beer. And in front of my other sisters, my BIL, one of my nieces and my nephew, and pretty much the rest of the Brewhouse, she drops the bombshell--"Oh, by the way, I found your blog!" Fortunately, no one else seemed terribly interested, and I steered the conversation to Facebook or something.

I'm not sure what I think about it. It's not like I write anything terribly secretive, or anything that would really embarrass me. And the family dynamic is so positive that I can't even think of a time where I've written anything I wouldn't want anyone to read. But this going to affect the way I blog? I'm not sure. Some of you would immediate go into panic mode. Many already have. I just don't see the need. Do I prefer that she hadn't found it? Of course. Am I going to switch things up so she can't find me anymore? Not hardly. Would I have preferred not knowing that she knew? Not sure.

I did ask how long she's known. "Oh, a few months", she said. Lovely. She's seen my bare ass floating around at Tony's pool party.
I hope you've all donated to see the boobies over at Boobie-Thon this weekend! Many of your favorite HNTers are over there (numerous times over, even!). It continues through Thursday, so be sure to stop by soon!
Speaking of football--two of my three teams won. I'm not so sure that my HS team's going to recover. Their cockiness from their previous year's success is going to be their downfall. Oh, well. As for the NFL, I was in a suicide league. Until this afternoon. The damned Bengals screwed me. On the positive side, I don't have to worry about picking winners for the rest of the season!
The Bears/Giants game really sucked. Bad enough for me to find my next new favorite show! I don't know the exact name, but it's three of the "Ice Road Truckers" running off to India for the summer to run trucks up the Himalayas to a dam project. Driving on mountain "highways" that are located on cliffs with 2,000' vertical drops with no shoulders, wide enough (maybe) for two trucks/busses with maybe 6 inches to spare. According to the teaser, only one of the truckers lasts through to the final load!
Not only did October sneak up on me a bit this year, but the best event of October happens (no, not Halloween)! Scary movies! Monster movies! Monster movie marathons! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I would feel about someone in my family finding my blog.. I guess it would depend on which family member.. some reactions would be worse than others!

How to seduce a woman said...

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Barefoot Dreamer said...

wow how to follow such a wonderful spam like comment? ummm geee

so if my niece found my blog I would be ok- if her mom did...ummm no.

1) where you been (i missed you yesterday-sorry. left the computer on most time since he was gone but wasn't always in front of it)
2) did not do boobie thon this year! gahhhh I suck

viemoira said...

"She's seen my bare ass floating around Tony's pool party" giggles!

I would DIE if my prude family found my blog...

Yours is pretty SFW for the *most* part ;) I wouldn't sweat it.

Maggie said...

lol @Barefoot Dreamer!

Your mom knew about the blog before though, right? She had just never actually seen it.

Emmy said...

A woman who I knew since she was 12 found my blog - and reads it still. I figure a 23 year old could use that insight. She knows she can ask me anything as it has been for the last 13 years of her life. I mean, she's seen my blog (and all other parts of me on it), I have nothing to hide. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm not sure how I would feel either. These days it wouldn't be too bad because I'm all settled and domesticated but a few months back........ not so much. There are only two people "in real life" that know about my blog, neither of them are related to me.

Vixen said...

*snort*... giggling a bit about your ass comment. I make light...I know how many people would feel about this.

I'm up!


Sunny said...

Geesh, I'm not so sure how I'd feel about my parents or brothers finding my blog. My kid or my sister?? eh, that'd be ok. They are both cool.

I couldn't watch Sports Center for three days after what the Dolphins did the other night. How embarrassing. Stoopid.

And Halloween Rocks!!