Monday, March 15, 2010

Random stuff

I suppose I should write something... As mentioned before, inspiration has been lacking over the past few weeks. Anyone know exactly what an "ides" is??
My week is shot to hell this week due to symphony duties. Enjoying the St. Patrick's Day festivities will be curtailed this year because of it (and some due to the diabetes). But I do plan on being at O'Toole's to get the first green beer out of the tap again! Just have to limit myself to two beers and NO whiskey shots. Then I have to load in for a rehearsal. We're performing a youth concert for all the 4th/5th graders in town on Thursday. Then I have to pack the whole production up an move to a local church for rehearsals for next week's concert. Like I said, the week's shot to hell.
My Grizzlies made it to the Dance! They won the conference playoffs to earn an automatic bid. Unfortunately, my interest in the basketball team is fairly low. I couldn't even tell you what their record is. But they have a somewhat easier bracket this year than in previous years that they've made it (no Duke or KY or any of the powerhouse teams in the first round). Unlikely that they'll make it to the Sweet Sixteen, but I'll be sure to brag if they do!
I finally broke down and bought my plane ticket to NYC last week! That's for BTExpress' pool party in August. All the travel sites said that deals could be had through the end of the weekend, so I figured I'd better jump on them. Still pricey, as anything out of MT is, but better price than if I'd bought them last fall. So it's on, boys and girls!
Speaking of Irish...the pictures in the header are from the most Irish movie ever made, "The Quiet Man". Starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, and directed by John Ford. Must be watched every March.
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13messages said...

I've never seen The Quiet Man. Maybe I'll borrow it from the library this week. Enjoy the festivities, in moderation of course.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Think of the impact y'all will have on those elementary school kids!! I LOVED when the military band came to do assemblies. I loved the brass section! perhaps that's where my love of big band TRULY stems from?? ;)

remember to stop and breathe a moment this week Os!

TUG said...

I think Ides simply means the 15th.

Great header picture. I knew it before you described it. A great classic movie as well.

Osbasso said...

13--It's a great movie, though the Irish didn't like it. Thought it was too quaint. Some great stuff in it though!

Tepid--The kids do enjoy this, which is why we do it each year. And who knows how it will affect just a single kid? Well worth the effort!

TUG--The ides of most of the months is the 13th, so that's not it. I'll have to do some more investigating.

Hopelessly In Love said...

I liked the movie.. def worth a rental if anyone hasn't seen it..

I used to be the music teacher that brought the youth to those concerts.. they'd always go in whining but end up loving it! Kudos for sharing the music!

Osbasso said...

Hey! A fellow used-to-be music teacher!

Ms Scarlett said...

Hey Os... the ides refers to the 15 day of the month in March, May, July, and October; and to the 13th in other months. It has to do with market days in Ancient Rome, a rather confusing system of counting days that I won't go into.

The Ides of March is best known as being the day Julius Caesar was killed.

So there you go...

TUG said...

Looks like Ms. Scarlett got it. I didn't know it was also the 13th. I was also thinking it meant "middle". But what do you expect from the people who developed a number system that requires you to add and subtract to determine the proper number being written.

Emmy said...

I didn't know what the ides were until Ms Scarlett just explained it. Usually I just use that fact to torment my bro who was born on the ides of March. :)