Monday, March 01, 2010

Olympics 'n Things

Not sure why I watched as much Olympic coverage as I did, but I think I watched just about every day (except the days I was busy with symphony stuff). Interestingly, I didn't catch the US/Canada hockey match until the last two minutes of regulation. Which, of course, was the best time to jump in! And as usual, I have a couple of thoughts...

Ice Dancing--most of the pairs seemed to be lusting for each other on the ice, and frankly, looked good doing it. Until they mentioned that there were numerous brother/sister pairs in the competition. Not sure how I feel about that, but it made me a little uncomfortable... (but the Kerr siblings from Great Britain did nicely!).

Curling--U.S. men certainly choked. And Canada's female skip, Cheryl Bernard is certainly bendy!

If you didn't shed a couple of tears during/after Joannie Rochette's short program, you're either a big fat liar, or a cold heartless person.

Did you see Lindsey Vonn (and other US Olympians) in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition? Whew!

I thought the Closing Ceremonies, which rarely match the pageantry of the opening ceremonies, were well done. I thought they were humorous, a bit PG rated for the IOC, and starting them by bringing in the handyman to fix the fourth leg was great! But I think that not having Bob & Doug McKenzie around to take part was a mistake...

I also can't believe that British Columbia native Diana Krall wasn't part of the musical talent. What a shame!

NBC continues to show its incompetence. Breaking out of the ceremonies to show off their new show "The Marriage Ref"??? Apparently those in charge at NBC are completely intimidated by comedians whose egos need to be stroked. And yet, they allow Bob Costas to continue on, even embarrassing himself as a piano "player"? The only consolation we get out of NBC is that we don't have to listen to Brent Musberger!
We had our symphony concert on Saturday night. Not the most exciting for me (I just don't care for Brahms...), but the Shostakovich piano concerto was spectacular (in spite of not using any trumpets or trombones. Odd for a good Russian). No injuries or blood, for those keeping score, though our soloist had a stomach flu. But the show must go on!
Time for a bit of honesty and introspection. How many of you followed the news coverage of the tsunami warnings on Saturday? And how many of you were just a tad disappointed by the lack of destruction by the tsunami when it hit Hawaii?
There's a new remake of "Clash of the Titans". Is that really necessary? How can you do better than Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Ursula Andress, Burgess Meredith or Harry Hamlin??? Or the wonderful stop-action special effects of Ray Harryhausen? The only "name" in the new version is Liam Neeson, and the the effects will all be CGI. Depressing.
Same thing goes with the remake coming out of "Nightmare on Elm Street". Though the role of Freddy will be played by Jackie Earle Haley, the kid who played Kelly Leak in the original "Bad News Bears" (another one badly remade). Always wondered whatever happened to him!
A couple of items relating to the OsShirt. There's a couple of short posts on the OsShirt site. Trying to get caught up after a couple of years away. Why the sudden interest in getting it going again? Because 13 Messages posted a couple of pictures with it (including a special guest, too!). And I understand that it's now on it's way to an undisclosed location in Florida! Be sure to check both links! I'm certain we're going to be seeing more of it in the weeks ahead!


Barefoot Dreamer said...

Alright - you know I asked for that Os shirt back in the Spring..... sigh. I am always a step ahead of the trend as usual (now I WANT IT!!!!) phew... that was tiring.

Now - I can't believe you were disappointed by lack of destruction...ok, I can't believe you admitted it I guess.

The bros and sis combos shouldn't look so lustful is my thought on that.

The olympics were the best I had seen in a long time - lots of key players this go round.

and what else...... have a good week

The Covert Lover said...

First I have to say that my phone must have something against your website because it refuses to open the comment box even though it opens it on other blogs! Ugh. It's time for a new phone anyway.

As for the olympics - I guess you were watching my share because I haven't seen a single second this year. And those brother/sister pairs always creeped me out a little!
A symphony with no injuries/blood - that's great news! lol
Have a great week! :)

Anonymous said...

The Os shirt has its own site??? Geeze where have I been???

Dana said...

Hmmm ... the Os shirt ...

That might just get me to do another HNT. Just sayin' *evil grin*

kittykillkill said...

I have no idea why they would try to remake Clash of the Titans. Some people just never leave the classics alone.

Sassy said...

Hahaha I had to come and see the post about brothers and sisters skating! eesh.

Wasn't our cougar of curling bendy?! I really got into curling..and I think a few more fellas tuned in too.

Joannie wasn't lieing. The media was all over the funeral :( I can't believe she was able to still skate. Strong.

....and that's it for now.

Sassy said...

Except: Man is great to be Canadian! Especially after that hockey game!! =P