Monday, March 29, 2010

Interesting times here this past weekend.

Two days into spring break, five area teens were killed in an early morning (1 AM) single-vehicle wreck. Four of the five were 18 years old, and the 15 year old sister of one of the boys was also killed. According to the coroner, speed was a factor, alcohol was a probable factor, and drug paraphernalia was found in the truck.

Most of me is terribly sad for the families involved. But there's a part of me that doesn't feel quite so badly, considering how they died, and the time of night that it happened. What's happened to parental responsibility?
There was a rally at the State Capitol on Saturday. This is why I love living in Montana:

Seriously, I would not be surprised if there was a vendor nearby selling beer...
Symphony concert was quite wonderful, but not without tension. Not at the concert, but for the three days before. Without boring you with the details, suffice it to say that boards of directors of non-profits (particularly arts non-profits) need to keep their noses out of the operations. In my case, the concert. There was a great deal of bad blood being spewed, with the Board trying to bully their way. Ultimately, a compromise was reached, with the Board actually backing down, but it was like pulling teeth. I'm afraid we haven't heard the end of it all.
Did you know that Easter Sunday is next weekend? And April? How did that happen?


Emmy said...

LOVE those signs!

Evening said...

So sad about those teenagers.
OS, 18 year olds are legal adults (I admitt that 15 is young to be out at 1 am) and I don't think (speaking as a parent) that it is unusual for a 18 year old to be out on a weekend night at 1 am. I don't think that as a parent that I would have been being an irrrespondsible parent if I allowed my adult child to be out at that hour. The drugs and alcohol are another issue and also the speeding but... I am not sure parents have complete control over their kids doing some of those things!! Just my opinion :)

The Smoking Redhead said...

I know right? What happened to March?

Sad story, couldn't believe it when I heard it and then of course I was a little concerned and had to make sure J wasn't involved - not that she's a teenager anymore at 21.

Give me a shout when you can big guy, love you!!

Ms Scarlett said...

I seem to remember being far more afraid of my parents than I was of being called uncool for refusing to ride with someone who'd been drinking. That kind of accident, with the accompanying waste of young lives happens here all too often too. Very sad, and SO avoidable.

Great pic... and one that could be seen up here too!

Lil Bit said...

What happened to this whole YEAR?!?! LOL!