Sunday, January 23, 2005

Paint the Town Pink

We played a gig tonight. Sort of. The event was "Paint the Town Pink", which is a fundraiser for the Florence Crittenton Home (for single teenage moms or moms-to-be--a very decent charity in town). There was a silent auction, a very impressive dinner, then a live auction, then ending the evening with dancing. Unfortunately, after sitting, eating, and auctioning, most people head home because their butts are tired and they've had too much to drink, and there's nothing worse than being in that condition while wearing formal attire. True to form--the auction ran WAY too long, half the crowd left, and we didn't start until 11:00 PM. Enough time to play one set.

The good news--we still had alot of people stick around, and we played all our really good stuff. Didn't help our chops any, but it was for a good cause! We even whipped out an arrangement of the "Theme from 'Love Boat'" for this (there was a cruise ship theme for the evening). As much as I hate to say it, we did a really good job with it. My horn parts were very good, if I may be so bold. And we may very well keep it in our regular rotation. Everyone loved us. Still had people coming up and asking where we were from (we've only been playing in town for almost 8 years!). Probably will be hired for this again next year. We didn't get paid much for this gig, but then again, we didn't play much, either. And we got swordfish and tenderloin for dinner. On a personal note--I've noticed that my tux seems to have shrunk since Christmas....

So, after setting up at one in the afternoon, sound check at 3, show up for the gig at 6:30, dinner at 7, and not playing until 11, then tearing down afterwards (worst part of a gig), it's now almost 2:30 AM. I'm going to bed. And tomorrow (today) is going to be shot to hell. But it was for a good cause.

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