Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jury Duty

So last week, I get a summons for jury duty. Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005 at 8:45 AM. But call us first to make sure it's not cancelled. So I get up early, call, and get a pre-recorded message saying to be at the Courthouse no later than 8:45. Knowing that parking was going to be tight, and the roads were all slushy messy, I head down early.

Outside of the Justice Court office are a couple of uncomfortable benches. People were sitting there, drinking the free coffee, and just waiting. I check in just ahead of a musician friend of mine. At least I'll have someone to talk to while waiting for court. So we sit on the uncomfortable benches and start talking about music. Everyone else got to hear our opinions too, since you could have heard a pin drop out there before we started.

The door to the courtroom opens, and anyone who was NOT a juror, but there for a criminal proceeding, were to go into the courtroom at this time. Almost everyone gets up and goes in! We're sitting amongst criminals!!!! No wonder they were all quiet. Trying to figure out their "arguments", or how they're going to pay their fine, or trying to work up some sympathy tears.....

Mark & I continue as more of the jury pool shows up. Still not very social, but noticeably looser. Mark & I try to guess what sort of case we'll be getting. Guns? Drugs? Probably not--this is just justice court. DUI? MIP? Traffic? Maybe. Then the courtroom doors open, and the jury pool is asked to come in. We move to a new set of uncomfortable benches, and the judge proceeds to inform us that everyone is there and ready to go, except for the defendant! She has 10 dog tickets. No indication of what that means. Were they abused? Were they running around loose in town chasing cars? Whatever it was, she didn't show, which means she forfeited her right to a jury trial. But thanks for coming. Thanks for coming?!?!

Mark headed back to a construction job. Don't know about anyone else. Did anyone feel anger towards this woman? For having 10 dog tickets? Or for causing a hassle to our routine? Did anyone feel the need to get together and discuss their feelings towards all of this? Apparently not, because we all scattered like cockroaches. But now I have a blog, which a great place to vent about things like this!

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Lizabeth said...

Gotta love jury duty! Keep up the blogging, your off to a good start. Montana rules!