Tuesday, June 04, 2013


This has been bugging me since I saw the new Star Trek movie on opening day.  First off--let me say that I was quite satisfied.  A good, and somewhat familiar story, great special effects, some new tricks, and a lot of "in" jokes and dialog for a longtime Trek fan (noticed how I avoided the word "Trekkie"?).  But there's two anomalies that I haven't been able to justify in my mind.  And I'm disappointed that others haven't mentioned them either...

WARNING:  Plot lines and spoilers coming!  If you haven't seen the movie yet, or don't care about this post, leave now!

OK, the first one concerns the Tribbles.  A basic premise of this movie is that the Enterprise has not yet left on it's five-year mission to explore new galaxies, yadda, yadda, yadda...  Even continuing with the "new" timeline story, Tribbles had not yet been discovered by the Federation.  Therefore, McCoy couldn't be experimenting with one, am I right???

The other anomaly also involves McCoy.  When he and Dr. Marcus are disarming the bomb on the planet's surface, he makes the comment that he once helped a Gorn give birth.  In the original timeline, on their five-year mission, the Gorn was such an alien that the universal translator didn't even work.  How could McCoy have delivered baby Gorns when the two species had never met yet?

These have been weighing heavily on me since I saw the movie.  Forgive me.  I'm a geek.

Don't forget to prepare something for HNT on July 4th!!!


24crayons said...

Well, I read this anyway, even though I haven't seen it yet. Now I'm going to pay attention to those things, but I don't mind spoilers :)

I am a Trek fan.

Here is Karlans explaination: Because the original timeline was deviated from, someone else discovered the Tribbles and Gorns were found by other 'missions'. Once it's altered, its all fair game. - the gospel according to Karlan, who thinks Star Wars happened earlier on the timeline than Star Trek, simply because it was in a galaxy far far away. - I say, Star Trek came first, and Star Wars is in the future.

If you haven't explored space, then you can't have wars in space. :-P

Osbasso said...

I partially agree with Karlan on the Tribbles. It IS possible, except that the new Enterprise was tagged to be the first to "boldly go...", so no one else had ever been to deep space. Same with the Gorn.

As for which came first--Star Wars, most definitely. Star Wars has no direct mention or reference to Earth. Whereas Star Trek is most definitely linked to San Francisco and Earth of the future. Another point...did you know that E.T.'s species (whatever that is) sits on the Galactic Senate and can be seen in "Phantom Menace"? Since E.T. has also been seen on 20th century Earth, then obviously Star Wars happens before Star Trek.

I now step off my geek box....

No one Special said...

I will wait til it comes on Cable, by then I will have forgotten the spoilers.