Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Rise and Fall
of Blogging and Nekkidness...
...and other things

The final posting of "...the Other HNT" is up. And with it, ends the last vestiges of the official half-nekkid phenomenon. I say 'official', as there's those who still haven't heard that HNT is no more, or those who think they're continuing it. I know that many of you didn't participate over at OHNT. It started out as innocently (well, maybe not quite) as HNT did. It was a safe, anonymous place to post those "oops" shots that showed a little more than what would work on their own site. That developed into taking one extra shot while doing HNT, with OHNT very much in mind. And after awhile, it grew into an "anything goes" site. To a degree.

Which is why many of you either quit OHNT, or didn't visit anymore. Just a bit too much at times for some of you. And yet, it continued on. But, for many of the reasons that HNT had to retire, OHNT's time had come. Participation had come down to a few core people, and it just wasn't fair to place the burden on them. And as blogging has declined, so has the traffic. Don't get me wrong--there's still more traffic there than most of us have ever had! But the lack of feedback and lack of "new blood", as well as the time consumption on my part indicated the end was near.

And I'm remarkably OK with that. Go check out the last of the OHNTers. There's even one who participated in the very first week, too! Leave some well-deserved thanks while your there, too!
If he was still alive, my dad's father would be celebrating his ??? birthday today.

The Masters started today.
Lots of birthdays to celebrate this month!


Cheeky Minx said...

I can understand why you're wrapping up OHNT as well. I have no doubt that this, along with HNT, was one of the major catalysts for the half- or full-nekkid expression by 'everyday' people.

Thank you for everything, Os...

Dana said...

Lots of birthdays to celebrate this month ... including yours and your "Twin from another mother and decade"'s :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for HNT and OHNT! ;)

Anonymous said...

Years ago I participated in HNT and loved it. Thanks for the memories xxx

Mermaid Girl

Osbasso said...

Hey! Mermaid Girl!! Hope all is well and you're healthy!!