Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been a year...

I couldn't really let the day go by without marking this...
Having all sorts of fun with symphony < /sarcasm>. In the span of 10 days, we've lost 3 major staff members without warning. Our executive director, the box office manager, and the money person for the summer concert. Where this most affects me is the summer concert. She and I split the position of project manager, where I took care of the logistical/production end of things, and she did the schmoozing/begging/fundraising/marketing end. I suspect that I'll end up picking up the marketing, but I have a proven record that I don't play well with living human beings. I'm fairly certain, however, that any free time I thought I might have has disappeared until the end of July...
I turn 55 on Sunday. I've had AARP (American Association of Retired Persons, for those not familiar) sending me stuff since I was 48, but I've pretty much ignored it. I think there's an ego thing involved. I wasn't retired. I wasn't old. I certainly don't act old! But now, things are different. When you hit that magic number of "55", all sorts of 'senior' discounts kick in. It was a magnificent list of hidden perks at a wide variety of retail places and restaurants. I'll try to find that list and post it. I think I'm going to embrace this age! At least until my arthritis starts acting up...
Enjoy your Friday the 13th tomorrow. Hope you avoid any bad luck!


No one Special said...

Your the most handsomely awesome 55 year old EVER!!!
Keep taking care of yourself and never act your age!
Happy Bday Early

MinorityReport said...

Happy Early Birthday! :)

boneman said...

well, sir, it is no easy task, that.
Steve's brass band has a "donate" button up somewhere, though I don't know where.
I always tell him if ALL the band folk got together and put a "donate" button up on their blogs, maybe they could score some money for music and possible adverts.
And his reply is always, "I don't have a blog. Probably nobody else has one, either"
But, that doesn't sound right.
I mean, if you put sixteen people in a room and ask how many had or have cancer, ONE HAND will raise (maybe)
So, SOMEONE in that band has a blog...but of course, one isn't much. (uh-oh...this is getting long)

I have a different take on things.
I look at it like sales.
If you sell meat, you can't show a red slap of steak to people and get a positive reaction from most.
On the other hand, you can make a sizzling sound, show smoke rising gently from the grill, never even have to SHOW the meat, and people will get hungry.
Sell the Sizzle.
That is another tricky move.
Modern music?
well done classical music?
popular music?
(Is that Coltrane playing or is the band tuning up?)

I think free bits might get many responses if you have someone actively handing out connect numbers (phone, blog e-dresses, blackberry, whatever) and someone to follow up.
What's a small bit?
There's a piece written for Tuba and Flute (I think...) and it's called the broken record.
It also uses a silver dollar by the tuba player. Cute number, modern since the effect IS a broken record that skips...(don't deny it, either. When I see gray hair, I know that YOU know what a record is. Young'ns are all "what's a record? you mean like the highest jump?)...
But playing on any corner in a busy city and it will get attention. Leave cards, accept donations (it'll pay for the gas, at least)

OK, I KNOW it's TMI by now, so, lemme just boogie on out.
Today I have an ear worm...
Little Richard, Good Golly Miss Molly...
In the early, early morning till the early, early night....WHAAAAA!)


Cheeky Minx said...

In my family, 55 is midlife! You should join my clan.

Happy Birthday (for Sunday)... :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a fantastic birthday!
-NoOneInParticular ;)