Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharon Stone

"The Quick and The Dead"


Carry on...


skywind said...

Oh, in between life and death.

Kat said...

I love that movie! And I'm not even sure it's a good one, but I will watch every time I see it on tv.

boneman said...

I'm up!
just had to say it, what with being late a lot.
So, Trombone playing in the Winter!
Gosh, what FUN when they ask you guys to go out caroling with the instruments!
Steve does the euphonium (who the heck knows if I spelled it right?) and told me the "trick...Two mouth pieces is best. One in the pocket, one being used, and change according to temperatures.
Of course, one year they had him outside under a tent with an electric piano. The guy is an excellent musician AND showman.
Just another way to say ham, I think.
He also does an impression of Elmer Fudd attending the Bert Lars School of Music and Voice.


How out of tune am I with current events? Well...
is the Sharon Stone on video?