Monday, January 30, 2012

New Stuff

Remember last week when I mentioned that a certain blogger was about to pop out a baby? Well, she did it on Friday! The blogger in question? Cowgirl (or Cute butEvil, as some of you might remember her)! You can see her submission for the HNT finale here. Momma and baby boy are at home and doing fine. more details. But I'll bet that if you emailed her, you'd get the same picture that she sent me!
It's almost too late, but Monday is not yet over, and I wanted to start something new here. I'm not going to name it, but if I were, it would be "Pomplamoose Mondays". I'll be posting a different Pomplamoose video each Monday. Get it? I certainly didn't want to be alliterative (go look that up if you don't know what it means), though it sort of is.'s the first posting. A cover of I highly urge you to spend many hours on YouTube watching their videos!

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