Friday, July 08, 2011

Cuz my daddy taught me good!

Remember that commercial from six years ago? I suppose a bit more detail would be good...the one I blogged about here. Go look, it's a short post. None of you would remember it, as it was written before the invention of HNT (but only by less than a week!). I'll wait...

Welcome back. I've got the same feelings tonight with the latest Dish Network commercials with "The Truth", and the little punk ass kid. For as much as I loved the previous commercials with the Russian and the tiny giraffes, I despise this one. I don't know if it's because of the kid, or because I've seen the same damned commercial 2-3 times per hour!
Please don't ask why I was on this site. I'm not really sure how/why I landed there myself. It's one of those sites intended for women, by women. I'm sure it's because the title of the article caught my eye: "One of the Most Detested Sex Acts Is Good for Women". Go see what one of the most detested sex acts is--I was surprised!
Have you been sucked into the new Google+ yet? From what I've read, we won't really have a choice... I'm not thrilled about the fact that private profiles will no longer kept--either make it public, or they will simply drop it. I've also read something regarding Google's claim to ownership of pictures and posts published on their sites (Blogger, Picasa, etc....). I don't know if that was simply speculation, or if that's an official statement somewhere. And I'm not entirely sure that Google needs to get into the social networking thing (don't they already have enough?). But as I understand it, we don't really have a choice, so go with the flow.
In over six years of HNT there have been a handful of people who have separated themselves from the rest of us with their photography. For them, HNT has become a creative outlet. It is not a sex thing. Yes, there are many who post sexy pictures. But "half-nekkid" doesn't necessarily refer to the flesh. The concept of "half-nekkid" lies in the mind of the person posting the HNT. Many bloggers have used HNT to show parts of their soul, parts of their conscience, and parts of their lives. Many have used HNT to break out of whatever shells they might have found themselves living within.

I tend not to rave over specific HNTers, and try to avoid playing favorites. But every once in awhile, you just have to gush... We have watched Cheeky Minx over the past couple of years as she's taken us into the depths of her soul. Her pictures are always classy and sensual--never crude. And her words...oh, her words. One day she will write about soft surrender to her lover, and the next time she'll be writing with animalistic passion. And always, always leaving the reader wanting more.

Click to preview bookWell, "more" has arrived. She's been working for months on publishing a book. "...a collection of over eighty erotic self-portraits and vignettes that take you on a journey through feminine desire, from the seductive allure of an ethereal sensuality to the dangerously magnetic eroticism of the femme fatale…" Many of the words and pictures will be familiar to anyone who's visited her HNTs (and hers is consistently one of the most commented on). Others will be fresh and new to the reader. Click on the picture of the cover to get a preview look at it. And once you're there, put in your order for your own copy. No, it's not going to be personally autographed--that will have to wait for the elusive book tour. But it's going to be something tangible you can hold in your hands. Almost as good as the real thing, I'd imagine!

She didn't want me to pimp her out, but dammit, I just had to! Go buy it. Now!
And because I still think this is the greatest thing on YouTube at the moment...


singedwingangel said...

Ok I have seen some of Cheeky's pics and she is beautiful.. the video cracked me up.. another one of those that are gonna make someone rich from t-shirts and the like.. hide yo kids hide yo wife cause dey be rapin errbudy up in dere.. yeah that was KY I was so proud lol

Cheeky Minx said...

After such truly generous and touching words, you can be my pimp any day, Os. ;)

Thank you so much (and to you too, singedwingangel)... xx

Anonymous said...

That is a very strange video...but it made me giggle!

Westcoast Weirdo said...

Obviously, the scientists who 'proved' this semen sucking theory are men.

And I could flip-side her 'if you love your partner' bullshit with 'if HE loved ME, he wouldn't make me do something I didn't like doing.'

So there, you obviously know where I stand on that matter now, lololol!

Topaz said...

I didn't know Minx had put out a book, congrats girl! Your work has always been spectacular :-)

And O, at first, 'The Truth' 'Half Truth' kid was funny, but you're right, there's only so many times you can watch that commercial...

Not sure about Google+ just got an invite and will check it out. And I did hear that they have rights to all content on their sites, though the author retains all original rights. It's only a matter of time before the governments overrule that (I hope).