Monday, March 07, 2011

This 'n That

I don't generally think of death--particularly my own--this past year notwithstanding. However, I had a dream the other night about my pending death. I also had happened to catch the 1979 movie "All That Jazz" before going to bed. If I had the option, I'd like to go out the way Joe Gideon did in the last 10 minutes of that movie. Of course, it would only be perfect if Ethel Merman came out to sing "There's No Business Like Show Business" like in the movie!

While searching for that clip on YouTube, I ended up spending far too much time there. Was disappointed though, that I couldn't find a good clip of the Bass-O-Matic sketch...
Remember last month when I mentioned that I'll be losing my 'virginity'? No date chosen yet for that, but I got the result of the stool sample that I had to send them via U.S. Mail. No blood in the stool. That's a good thing. I knew you'd want to know that.
I miss Limewire.
Remember the scene in "Rocky III" where Rocky and Apollo are sprinting on the beach and Rocky finally beats him? Does anyone think that there's just a little bit too much man-hugging and prancing and frolicking and jumping up and down in the water in their shorty shorts and perfectly-coiffed hair? All in slow motion?
My current setting on Pandora is on Earth Wind & Fire. I loves me some EW&F. I don't agree with some choices that Pandora comes up with that are supposed to match it (Michael McDonald-era Doobies??), but I love that there's a lot of Michael Jackson. And not the crap from anything after "Bad". I had no idea that "Off the Wall" was such a good album!
I'm not a fan of the drop-down menu to log out of my Gmail. Who asked for such a feature?
I'm envious of the humor and wit from some of the commenters I read on Facebook. I read some of them and have to ask myself where they come up with this stuff...
I think "The Sting" is one of the greatest movies ever filmed.
Watched an evening of "Hoarders" again, just to feel good about myself. I can't help but look around when I'm driving home, wondering where the hoarders are in this town. I suppose I could just look for the fleet of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? trucks turning down at the next corner. Or even better...look for some house where they've brought out every.single.thing for the owners to go through. All out in the open for the neighbors to see. Yeah, if you ever need to feel good about your own life, that's the show for you...


viemoira said...

I can offer that I use mp3 rocket and bitorrent for alternatives to limewire. :)

CbE said...

I used to like frostwire which is basically just limewire re-done. I also use torrents. Haven't done much of that lately though.

Dammit, I just broke a nail! I blame you!

Oh and don't dis Rocky!! I love all those movies!


oh and I'm starting to feel a bit better. :)

Chapter Two said...

there are websites that offer witty comments specifically for updating your FB pages, many many of them.

giggled at the rocky thing

don't like the drop down menu either and quite frankly am sick of all the changes that aren't necessary to my webpages I frequent- like my weather page- horrible changes. sigh......

youtube is a vacuum

Hoarders is a great show, and I am learning there are far more hoarders irl than I imagined

Anonymous said...

It may seem strange coming from a Windows PC and Android smart phone user; but the majority of my music comes from iTunes Music Store with Amazon second and "free" sources third.

Anonymous said...

People are funny creatures. Love to friend you on facebook if you are game. Email me at if interested.

PBJdreamer said...

That death scene is All That Jazz
would be a great way to go!!

Love it

that is all

Cheeky Minx said...

Off The Wall is one of my all time favourite albums! I almost broke my parent's sofa struttin' my stuff obsessively listening to Michael as a wee gal.

And ditto on All That Jazz... x

Anonymous said...

Off The Wall rocked! Last album here he had his original nose, too. :)